Sunday, January 8, 2012

first saturdate in 2012

  • cheap food at the night market
  • heart to heart talk about work at hougang mall's rooftop
  • bought cheap vcds
  • pet safari at vivocity looking at adorable rabbits and doggies
    m: how much did your family bought jippy for?
    h: free
    m: huh how come?
    h: coz jippy come out from my mother what
    m: *burst out laughing*
  • vans and pig lining
  • ben & jerry's waffles icecream
  • barcelos very peri chicken meal
  • DIY manicure and talking about everything at vivocity's rooftop w/ the company of moon, stars and the wind
  • night market food for supper
  • cheeky walk home
our first weekend date in 2012 was simple and cheap . i always can't get mad at you for long whenever you're late for our dates because you always know how to cool this burning heart down. thank you for listening to my work rants, encouraging and comforting me that everything is going to be alright. most importantly, thank you for me making me smile and laugh genuinely again. i love it when i make you laugh like a crazy cow and tell you "only i can make you laugh this way right?" it proves one thing; you're still happy being with me even after 4 years, 10 months, 2 weeks & 6 days and i'm so glad and thankful for that. guess you're the only reason why i'm still sane in this crazy world. yikes how cheesy.

was telling hfz that i wanted to close down my blog soon (joking) and he gave me that "WTF WHY? NOOOOO DON'T" disappointed face. i'm secretly happy with his reaction because at least i know he appreciates my time and effort to blog out our activities together. never am i going to close this blog. dearockstar-iloveyou has already became a part of us. it's like our own 19 february ♥ story novel which i have in mind to let our kids, grand kids, great great grand kids, great great great grand kids (ok you get the picture right?) reads!


h said...

heh. you are very sweet.