Sunday, February 26, 2012

adventures on the 19 february 2012 will be coming soon. do watch this space :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

iDEAL Romantic Date

when asked what would define a perfect and romantic date for me, i always find it hard to answer because i believe date spent with the love of my life would always be perfect and romantic even if it's just a simple celebration just like the previous valentine day date! hahahaha  i admit i'm so cheesy it's too gross. sorry! :(

ok real talk now. i mean it can be a bore too if hfz brings me to cheap dates like eating cupcakes on every special occasion right?! HELLLLLO, i'm a girl and i like to be pampered, do something different and something special once in a while! spending 5 years dating, we are clueless of how to make our date special b'coz singapore itself is so small and there's literally nothing we can do anymore since we've done almost everything and been to all the fun places or so we thought. but we thought wrong until i discovered this genius site: all thanks to the forever awesome powsome Nuffnang! ahhhh, so many attractive deals offered there; travel, dining, wellness, activities, products and luxe deals. OH MOTHER OF GOOD DEALS! DealSG is even a platform for wedding proposal! UH HUH, UH HUH, MOVE OVER CLICHE FLASH MOB PROPOSALS,I'VE GOT THE REAL DEAL HERE! get ready to be aww-ed by how dexter ng proposes to shermane;  valentine deals in singapore/valentine deals of the day. ah such creative proposal huh? i wonder how mine is going to be like? *starts day dreaming*

/backtrack to the topic of how would i define a romantic date;
was browsing through dealsg attractive deals and i chanced upon this: yatch charter

imagine how awesome it'd be sailing into the sunset with the love of your life. siting at the top of the deck,enjoying the breeze while the love of my life strum the guitar and serenade me our favorite songs. and when night falls, we would fix ourselves some light dinner and lit candles which form shapes of heart at the bedside whilst we have dinner on top of our bed. ahhh, this is definitely one of my idea of perfect and romantic date. *hint hint* hehehe, you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one ;)

so, what is your idea of a romantic date? no idea? let DealSG give you some! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

cupcakes valentine

who needs a bouquet of flowers, cliché candlelight dinner and surrounding ourselves with other couples to know that my valentine loves me all the other days of the year ♡

Sunday, February 5, 2012

unplanned ka-ra-okay session

why does it feels like it's been sometime since i blogged about my high school friends? oh yes, that's because we hardly have the time to meet up. it sure suck as hell when you have friends working shifts hour and another who is studying abroad. but hey, we actually (oh what a miracle) manage to spend the saturday together.

it was a very last minute plan but i'm glad most of us could make it. the plan was that there was no plan. train journey was filled w/ lots of catching ups, reminiscing about the good ol' days and future talks.after lunching, we walked aimlessly at fep and z started singing gomez's annoying as hell and stuck in your head like a leech  "pee-pee-pee-pitt" satanic song and we started singing non-stop.

m: shit, i can't stop no i can't stop singing. let's go kbox!
r: *eyes lit up* LET'S HUNT FOR A PLACE NEARBY

yadeeyadee and we found ourselves at cashstudio. it was my first time kbox-ing and you can imagine my excitement. oh how i love the room settings with awesome disco lights.

how's my virgin kbox trip you asked? it was awe to the some. it sure as hell takes your mind of everything. and i'm glad my first was with them = can any-o-how sing w/o being judged at or anything ;) you wouldn't want to hear how horrible my singing were. plus on another vanity note, it hurts not to have a front camera in my phone so that result in me spamming z's iphone4 w/ my face hahahahaha
you know what they say about unplanned moments turning out to be the better than planned ones? uh huh our unplanned karaoke session sure turned out great yay! :)

oh future

had a talk w/ momma bear about my future, the one thing that has been lingering on my mind ever since i left tertiary education a year back;


when i was in high school, i never thought this far of getting a degree (i don't see myself in a university!). i was certain to work hard to earn a diploma, get a good job, earn and save lots of $, have my own home at the age of 24 and start my own biz. but now, i'm not so sure about that anymore. i blame peer pressure for this. let's face it, almost everyone is eager to get a degree, almost everyone is encouraging me to continue w/ my studies (except for my mom. she wants to marry me of at the age of 25). but what about me? do i really want to continue studying? am i satisfied w/ just having a diploma?

i remembered whining to hfz about how i very much want to leave my current job and go back to school. yes, i'm still dreading my current job now. i still hate waking up for work. i can't stand the crowd, the working adults i have to face every single morning and evening. i can't face the fact that i'm all grown up now and have entered the scary adult world, the adult life. oh and don't get me started on all the responsibilities, le sigh. so if you asked me to choose between work and going back to school, from this point of my life, i'd choose the latter. so,


and let's just say i've already gotten into a school. i can forsee myself whining about how tough, stressful school is. the assignments, the exams, the projects. + seeing how studious and disciplined the sissy is studying for her common tests and exams, i'm really not sure if i want to go through all that again. i mean, just take a look at how much i whine about school back then: polytechnic days. reality check: uni is going to a whole lot worst, maya. everyone is going to come up to me and tell me "but no pain, no gain!"


and let's just say i continue w/ my studies, i struggled and i finally gotten a degree. BUT, i couldn't find myself a decent degree posting and i ended doing a diploma holder posting job instead. (previous executive that i replaced was a SIM-graduate and she was doing the job which i'm doing now. whatchu gotta say?)
what about if i think positive and got myself a managerial position? i'd earn big bucks but i would have a heavier responsibilities than what i'm doing now and that is just .... turn off. hahahaha f me, i should just marry a prince and have high-tea everyday

but seriously, if i were to continue w/ my studies, i won't be able to get my own house at the age of 24 and may not get married by 25. i want to look young and pretty and slim still on my wedding day.
+ according to a forum i read earlier, most people said that if you want to start your own biz, there's not a need to be a degree holder. starting my own biz = flexible working hours + no zombie weekday life!

the job which i think would be pretty awesome would be a blogger/v-logger. just take a look at xiaxue's life. or or realitychangers'. but i doubt i'd be able to make it in this life. oh well, *continue to daydream*