Sunday, January 29, 2012

hfz turned 21

my man turned 21 two days ago. and i had this idea of doing a video compilation of his friends and family wishing him a happy birthday. invited 20+ people over the page but only 2 get back to me w/ a video ////wrist. i take that boys don't fancy taking vids + the famous reason to give: "i'm in NS, i don't have the time and no webcam/phone camera/video cam." oh well, but here's the outcome anyways:

i took over 40+ vids for my part. from finding the perfect spot at home to having klutzy hands and butter fingers which result in the paper dropping all over and to working on my facial expression. compiling, combining and editting the videos was pretty last minute. that explain the ultimate failure in background music but seeing that look on hfz's face when he first saw the vids was priceless i guess (it's be more awesome if he shed some tears hahahahaha)

hfz had surprises after surprises (and suspense too) in between the whole day because of...
DIY-ed with love birthday vouchers. a total of 7 vouchers given randomly at different timing. tell me i'm sweet or what?! *self-praising*

what's a birthday w/o birthday card right?! oh how i love receiving cards and a long-handwritten sincere letter. *hinthint my b'day is May 11*
voucher 1: lunch for 2 @ fika cafe. due to some circumstances, we ditch fika for hfz's favourite nandos even though i've made reservation. well, i hope the staff didn't curse me or anything

and just in case you're wondering, we always sat side by side at the restaurant instead of facing each other. we feel more comfy and closer to each other ;) ok, all together now "EEEE SO CHEESY!"

voucher 2: one pair of vans/converse shoe.
which he asked me to put on his list of rain check items.

voucher 3: a day at playnation/e2max
he choose the latter and we played rock band which was so freaking awesome! we sang our hearts out and played the guitar. well, mostly i was the sucky singer and he the guitarist b'coz the guitar and me don't seem to match hahahah i got a lil annoyed playing the guitar.

+ that place reminds me so much of the time i had "filming" there. WHAT! I was once a tv reporter/actress/whatnots yknw. don't remember? here you go: WII Challenge ahhhh, good ol times i look so young with my cheena bangs. I remember cutting my bangs before "filming".

+ pretty red background = time for some OOTD shots ;)

voucher 4: dinner for 2 @ artease
we had their macaroons only because we weren't feeling hungry or anything :/

voucher 5: choosing your own birthday cake
hfz picked secret recipe white chocolate cake! not bad of a choice ;) gotta luv all of SR cakes

voucher 6: star and moon gazing with the love of your life
the plan was to bring him to punggol promenade but we got lost in punggol and couldn't figure our way there. first world problems w/o the car and GPS. iPhone's google map kinda suck sighhhh but i made it up to him by going to.... punggol park!

lit up the candles, sang birthday song, ate the cake, snacking on chocolates i bought for him (part of the surprise and present (fake) star and moon and sky gazing, played with the candle wax and talk about everything

voucher 7: spending a lifetime with maya
ok ya ya i'm very cheesy it's so gross. i was so shy i didn't want to give him this voucher initially but he grabbed it from me

you think that sums up his 21st celebration? well, you thought wrong. we had another celebration at his place the yesternight together w/ his relatives! his momma bear organized a steamboat + bbq feast. oh such a lucky boy man he is huh? ;)
happy 21st birthday once again my handsome mang ♥