Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maya's Pet Peeves Version 2.0

did version 1 couple of months ago and now i've got more to add to the list. so here's version 2;
  • oblivious people standing at the right side of the escalators especially during peak hours. keep to your left, assholes.
  • people stepping on my tongs/sandals from behind 
  • people 'stomping' their feet when there's a puddle of water. result in? water splashing into my feet. (yes, i'm looking at you hfz.)
  • needing the loo when i'm already snuggling in bed comfortably 
  • cab rides. they have some kind of eeky smell which triggers me. 
  • people who asked me "why you wear so nice. we are only going to the..." bitch has got a problem with my sense of dressing that is not the same as her going-to-the-market-kind-of-fashion-sense
  • people who expect me to listen to their problem again and again and again but just brushes mine away. and then complaining i didn't respond to their text/whatsapp/calls. uh huh i have such self-centered fucks in my life
  • not being able to get down to business on what i want to do online just because i have to install some stupid plugin first
  • girls complaining and whining of how insecure they feel about their face ok, i get it you are ugly. and boring the hell out of me *NEXT!*
  • people who doubted me each time so they could be smart(alec) about themselves. bitch plz i know way more than you do! eg: "one of the boy in 1D looks like your bf!" "DAFUG WHERE GOT?!" *girl debating and keep saying YES! and then saying "do you even know who are they?" oh so i heard, you've been seeing my bf IN REAL LIFE and observing his face EVERY SINGLE DAY. (hahahha i have no idea why i'm pretty pissed when it's a compliment that she is trying to say my bf is good looking!)
  • having to wait for 3-5minutes for the lift when knocking of from work b'coz everyone is leaving office at the same time and by the time the lifts reached my level it will all be crowded. well, luckily this doesn't happened everyday 
  • being cornered into interactions and having small-talks with someone whom i do not wish to socialize with.
  • people asking other people to like their photos on facebook for some competition. let's just say it's a 'beauty pageant' competition and the winner with the most likes will win. so it's like saying the most popular bitch will win no matter how ugly or fat or has a fuckup personality. ahh whoever create such judging system is a retard
  • facebook timeline. i feel so annoyed and ugly each time i see it. literally. it's unfair how he choose to automatically change mine instead of others. oh well, life itself is unfair #feelinglikeaphilosopher 

Reflections of a Skyline

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"you don't hate! only the unloved hate; the unloved and the unnatural. "
spare 3:58 minutes of your time, plug in your earphone and just listen to the wise words of chaplin.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

girls talk musical

"girls rocks because they bleed for 7 days every month and didn't die. oh not to forget the stomach cramps and the PMS too. girl power!" and with that I got a pair of tix to catch the girl talk musical on 22february all thanks to nuffnang. so who would i bring to the musical if not my best girl? ;)
received loads of compliments that day at work with regards to my outfit. oh and someone on instagram told me that my outfit reminds her of the dark lodge in twin peaks *mind blown*
met the girl after knocking of from work and had mcdees for dinz before heading of to raffles hotel's jubilee hall. and there, her blonde moments began;
mcd dood: what drink would you like to have?
z: what drinks are there?
m: my god! is this your first time here?
she never fails to humor me every single time we met.
my first virgin visit here! and we got scared shitless for a moment when we thought we are gonna get trapped in that vintage-ey looking elevator. 

got our tix and was feeling happy and proud for a moment when i saw the word 'blogger' beside my name on the tix. i mean, maya a blogger?! ahhhh it's like a dream came true that night (p/s: #2 dream job: a blogger. after owning my own mobile-store). disclaimer: not everyone owning a blog is called a blogger. it takes more to be labelled a blogger.

look at how front we are seated. gotta luv the ambiance and deco of the old-school grand hall.

so what is this girl talk musical all about you asked?
well, the plot is set in the final broadcast of radio show girl talk after 10 years, and the women are set to end things with a bang. in the radio show helmed by three deejays: eccentric barbara, "perfect-jane" janice and the sexually rambunctious dr laura. they spoke about common topics us ladies often share about with our girlfriends - food, alcohol, sex, menopause, childbirth, shopping, marriage, divorce, affairs, babies, and what else, men! (notice the strike-through? coz i don't discuss that with my girlfriends well maybe, not yet)

audience was filled with caucasian and working adults, mostly women. zamira and i can't relate much to some topics that they spoke (ref. to strike-through above). hey cut us some slack, we are only 20! *shows puss in boots eye* but nonetheless we really enjoyed the broadway musical and it was a pretty pleasant (and yellowish - refer to all the dirty talks hehe) experience for both of us. my favourtite quotation of the musical would have to be: "husbands and jobs can come and go, but girlfriends are forever."

thank you nuffnang once again for giving us this opportunity! xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

anniversary part 2

bonjour les gars. i'm back and ready to blog for part 2 but before that, a few sneak peeks on our experience with the titanic;
this has to be my favorite part. the stars look so beautiful even though they are fake. 

wondering where the titanic brought us to the next day? wonder no more! she brought us to the city of fish market and ghost rider 
we can't stress how much we love the prawns! 
don't ask me why ghost rider on such a romantic date bcoz platinum offers such limited and sucky movies i had no choice but thank god i actually like the movie. i'd picked platinum over gold class anytime bcoz firstly they welcomed us with this black carpet (not red carpet but it will do), they have such nice 'lobby' deco and i luv their colorful carpet and the best of the best i madly luv their comfy and nice smelling blanket. i could smell it the whole day and ahhhh... such heavenly smell i tell you! anyone has any idea where i could purchase such blanket?!
and that marks a sweet ending to our anniversary celebrations. dearest hfz, i'm looking forward to more anniversary celebrations with you and making beautiful memories together. xo

Sunday, March 11, 2012


if you don't already know, i put the pro in procrastination. been delaying and delaying and delaying this anniversary post since weeks ago. but hey, good stuff are worth the wait right? ;) let's get down to business before i contemplate further and hit the 'save as draft' button for the umpteenth times.

this year anniversary top the list because we celebrated for two days in a row! very well-spent and a great short 'gateway' for me from the hectic and at the same time zombie-fied routine we called life. neways, we started the date by satisfying our grumbling stomach at fika.
my verdict on the food? the beef balls was a lil tad disappointing but the chicken steak was the bomb i tell you. even hfz, being the fussy eater agrees that it's that good! so good that a week after we ate, he told me he wants to eat that chicken steak pronto but we have yet to make a trip there. soon my dear, pretty soon i promise :)
the price? pretty affordable. + they have very nice deco and pleasant ambiance. perfect for dates with your other half or friends!

after satisfying our grumbling tummy, we made our way to bugis to fulfill our 19february tradition (read: ol' skool neoprinting). sucks that the outlet at cine which we frequent had already closed down. well, i hope the one at bugis will stay till eternity (because that's how long our relationship will last #cheesymax hahaha). i know arcades own neoprint machines but i don't think the quality there is as wunderbar :/
i find it somehow cute how we always feel a tad nervous before each neoprinting session just b'coz we are afraid of ruining the outcome.
unfair how this machine gave hfz red lips and big eyes whereas look at me! :( realized my eyes are getting smaller as each day passes. le sigh, such is life. 

ugh, and i hate how bloated my face looked that day. we made our way to marina bay sands to board the titanic. journey from cityhall was such a torture with the hot weather, long distance and pretty warm dress material. but with cam-whoring taking place in between helps a lil ;)
our anniversary gifts exchange!

i'm glad hfz specially love the pyj trousers i got him since he told me that he's been wearing them every night to bed ever since. well, i take that he sincerely likes his new wallet too since he changed them right after we reached mbs. for a fickle minded and do-not-want-to-buy-on-impulse-until-i-see-other-nicer-items-than-this girl, it is so difficult to hunt for gifts and whatsmore doing it the very last minute. so please imagine me running to and fro, back and forth around town on a wet rainy day ALONE buying gifts for the love of her life. i think i deserve the sweetest girlfriend award, yes? ;)
well, i know my bf deserve the sweetest boyfriend award himself too b'coz he saved $ (even when he's jobless) to get me a morgan watch. i haven't been wearing watch ever since i left high school (i have no idea why) and right now, i'm back to wearing them and i have been wearing it everyday at work even if it doesn't match my outfit. b'coz when i wear my morgan out, it feels like he's close to me hahaha #cheesymax  

"oh you ferragamo, i wonder when will i owe you?"

and off we go. to the titanic, we board!
stay tuned to anniversary part 2 where i will disclose where the ship brought us to! uh huh uh huh you gotta do the waiting again b'coz didn't i tell you that good stuffs are worth the wait? hasta la vista baby ;)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I want to spend all my days with you. Wrestling over remotes; playing in the mud. Throwing each other in pools. Fighting over the last piece of cheesecake. Killing each other over which TV show we’re gonna watch. And then not watching it anyway. I want to make you mad and then kiss you. I want you and me. Forever.