Sunday, May 27, 2012

book out lo!

guess who went on a saturdate with her (nigga) soldier?
hfz finally returned into my arms after 3 long weeks. as i waited for him to picked me up, like any other singaporean doods' girlfriend, i was very excited. i'm pretty sure this is how couples in ldr feel when they are about to meet after years (in my case is just an amateur 3weeks) of not meeting. after what felt like centuries, there my comes my soldier. it felt good to see him again. i would have run to him and give him a big tight hug but such a pity he was behind the steering wheel.

we drove from one city to another running errands but who would have thought that it would turn out pretty fun. well, put two happy people in love together in the desert, i'd say it would turned out fun too. he has been complaining about how sucky food in NS each time we were on the phone and whine about missing the delish food. well baby, if i could courier out all your cravings to you, i would. but sadly i can't :( we had his favourite jerk at bbqchicken while he told me his fair share of very interesting story about life in army. feeling so proud of my baby having to come this far. stay strong my soldier, i'll be looking forward to your NS graduation day and a more macho body ^^ keep holding on baby. i'm très sure your hard work will pay off. p/s: i could see that body turning hulk-y yumz

been very occupied with work and school these few weeks. just conquered another of my bridging module (economics) on friday. let's just say it was do-able. pretty much glad that i have school and work to take my mind off from missing hfz too much while he was away. the only legit thing (beside patiently waiting for his call every night) i could do before going to bed is to sniff his topman's jacket.

o' yes how could i forget... will blog about my 21st when i have sorted the photos out!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

training to be soldier

every singaporean son had to serve the country. on 8may, haya+wahab's son had to surrender himself to pulau tekong. yup, that's right. hfz enlisted 2days ago...

remember about the farewell dinz i brought him to the other time he was supposed to enlist in december? well, this time round i planned to bring him out to sentosa the day before to ride our my favourite luge but thanks to the weather, we had to give it a miss. well, truth be told, i was actually trying to make it up to him over something i did when we celebrated my advance b'day celebration (which turned out very unpleasant). yeah, something which i really regretted doing. i can't even sighhhhh. but let's just leave that part out yeah?

no sentosa. no luge. + lazyasses us, we decided to catch a movie and a simple dinner afterwards.
you know what they say about unplanned dates turning out to be the best? yeah, it really did for me. i'm thankful to the one above and my bestgirl for giving me the best advice when i feel like strangling myself and //// my wrist

we dress like the ah-lian and the ah-beng that day. ok, all together now "YUCKKKKKS"
planning to use this as my facebook profile picture and a cover photo. cool aye? ;) but i don't really like how  boney my leg looks here. oh don't get me started on my thighs. they look like it belong to the elephant, no kid.

the day arrived. hfz was even more nervous that day. well, i am too! talk about our heart beating as one *cough*
oh i thought wrong about hfz going bald. he looks pretty cute and adorable and smexy at the same time
having some alone time with his parent weren't as awkward as i thought it would be. it was pretty much quite comfy actually ;)
spot my baby!

look at that fierce face *drool* i like ;)

and off he go! :(

in case you're wondering whether i shed a tear when he bid goodbye to us, well i didn't! looking forward to 25May where i will get to see my dearest soldier

dearest hfz, i assure you that i will stay true to you while you serve the country these 2 years. stay strong through whatever my soldier because your heroine here got your back! ;) 
p.s: you owe me the 2nd part of my b'day celebration. i will be waiting. patiently