Sunday, June 24, 2012


a part of me says "hey you still have loads of shows to catch up on" while the other part says "hey it's time to exercise the fingers and pen some words and visuals to this space" and you know who won? the latter of course. so let's kick start the post with my 21st birthday celebrations. i'm sorry if you are expecting a cliche big 21st party post here. because there's none. you know all those party decors, streamers, big fancy cakes, family and friends from everywhere mingling awkwardly, everyone staring at me as they sang the birthday song while i stand there um awkwardly, yeah all that stuff, that's just not me. so what's my epitome of perfect 21st celebration you ask? it's these;

#1. with the boyfriend
we celebrated an advance one since he can't be there on the actual day. no, i'm not complaining. well, not again. it's my 21st post so i'm allowed to post narcissistic photos yes? ;)
alright, let me play fair and show you handsome boy now ;) we started off the day at our new found favourite cafe.
i'm totally digging their beef-balls. nicest beef-balls i've tasted thus far, they beat ikea's hands down. after savoring the delish dishes, we made a trip down haji lane and had our own 'photoshoot'

currently digging my mom's vintage moschino belt.  just too bad her moshino's bag is in a wrecked condition :( thank god mom had an awesome fashion sense. i'm trying to dig her wardrobe for more treasure.
i'm in lust with these colored bicycles now especially the ones with basket. think me on the bike in my vintage maxi skirt. or even better; think hfz cycling with me while i take the back seat holding balloons. ahh such a sweet sight right?  

smexy striking pink and leapord preens seat. too loud for me, i'd prefer the above one ^^

headed to kallang for the next activity; ice-skating. on our way, we saw a pushcart and i told hafiz "how about i sit and you push me?" and his reaction "huh you siao or what? you want uh? ok let's do it!"
so yay, got my ass into the pushcart and vrrrrrrrroooom it's just me against the wind (and my poor bf who pushed me of course hehe)

people staring and giving weird stares? no they don't matter. i could checked one of my option in my to-do-list which is: doing one silly thing before i turned 21!
in the ladies prepping for some ice-skating workout.
ice-skating was ....... well, it was my fault for ruining the day. i still think i deserve a big fat tight slap. and the rest of the day was let's just say history. oh well.

#2: surprise from the lovely colleagues

can never thank god enough for giving me such colleagues. they are real darlings, really. forever giving me motivation each time i complain to them about work and studies. but of course, apart from them (the executives team) my team-mates (one w/ lots of managers) are real sweetheart too. they bought for me hand cream and mopiko just because i kept complaining about how the mozzies love sucking my blood. and yup, that's pretty much how i look everyday at work. and that was right before i was falling asleep (literally!) on my desk. all that surprises kept me awake after that of course! (:

#3: my best-girl and family
virgin trip to strictly pancake with my girl. food was good but the place wasn't. tables were all arranged very closely to one another. imagine talking to your friends and the stranger beside could hear what you guys talk about. yup, weird much!

after savoring the pancakes, we had a "mini-photo shoot" while we made a trip to cathay for the avengers!


as soon as we are done with lots of shiok sendiri moments, we reached our destination and was welcome with black carpet! got to love the cathay platinum. they never fail to make me feel like a princess queen every time i'm there. and i still am obsessed with their blanket i could smell it the whole day ^^

my idea to block johansson because i felt that she's the most useless one in the
movie with her amateur toy gun

i can't decide which i like more; captain america or ironman.
or neither. i think i will settle with my brave soldier :*

because we compliment each other like blair and serena!
left to meet the fam for some korean dinner. i was a bit skeptical about it because i don't fancy such food like korea and japanese and some other gibberish and fanciful food and boy was i right. the food tasted sucky nothing like the ones i had in korea. major disappointment but that's alright at least i get to sit down and eat together with them. believe it or not i can't remember the last time we all sat down together to eat (yup, not even at home! :/)
dear mom and pop, thank you for making love and letting me enter into this world 21 years ago.

so i guess that pretty much sums up my 21st celebration. my epitome of perfect birthday celebration? celebrating with the ones that matter most! :)