Saturday, July 28, 2012

oh you so wild!

having some kind of love-hate relationship with this wild thing of mine. i can't handle it so i'm going to get it fix tomorrow. what wild thing you ask?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

La Sardina / Fisheye baby

boy aren't they the cutest? it's retailing at 178$/138$ and i'm so tempted to get my hands on either one of them. :)
okay i can hear hfz's nagging from his camp now "you just bought a camera last month you bitch!" :( .... but they are so so so cute for me not to purchase them :/

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Heroine

That was the probably the first time she bleed gazillion blood out, that was probably the first time she screamed her loudest, that was probably the first time she endured something painful no words in the world could describe, that was probably the first time she sweat so much, that was probably the first time she push something out using her full strength and that was definitely the first time she experience something coming out of her vjj. Yes, my heroine is my dearest mother.

She could have easily tell the doctor; “STOP! I CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN ANY LONGER! I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE BIRTH TO HER ANYMORE” but no, she didn't. You want to know why? Because she is that brave! How brave you ask? VERY BRAVE! They say, first pregnancy is always the hardest. Because you have no idea what’s coming your way neither have you any idea how painful the pain is going to be. Let's not forget the times when i was in her womb for 9 months alright? Those morning sickness, those sleepless night where i kicked her belly like i was a soccer player, those body aches i caused her, those crazy mad cravings and god knows what else. No, the suffering didn't end there. It continued after I was born. I was such a weakling and fragile baby. I visited the hospitals as if it was my second home. My mom used to tell me I would wail loudly each time she put me onto the hospital bed. You know what she would result in doing to make me fall asleep? Carrying me in her arms and sitting at the bench outside the room. boy was i a very very difficult baby huh? I was also told that the doctor suggested to
extract my spinal marrow since I kept having fever and fits (wtf! that is one scary thing a baby could have) but thank you daddykins for not heeding the doctor's advice. If he did, I think I would have some ugly scar at the back, injured my spine and be bedridden forever, or even worst; DIED! </3
check out her dressing! even hfz said my mom is one fashionable lady. i have a picture of her in a fendi dress w/ very very awesome curvy figure. but i will save that for another blog post ;)

Let's also not forget the times when I was in my hardcore teenage years. Did you know that my mom was totally against the idea of me dating hfz when we were 16? Okay, now you know! Well, like any other typical Asian's parents, she thought I would neglect my studies when I'm involved in a relationship. What's worse was I was battling my O levels. I would lie to her about having extra classes at school and even skipped tuition classes just to go on a date with hfz. Once, she found out I lied to her and I was given the tongue lashing and that was the prolly first time I sense major disappointment from her. My grades began to dropped and I scored poorly for my PRELIMS. Yearly, we had a parent-teacher meeting and my mom and form teacher and my A-Maths teacher suddenly became the best of friends. From what I remembered, my teachers would always try to have a htht w/ me every now and then. Those days were hard I tell you. Well, both for me and hfz since it's us against the world but bitch pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so glad we managed to conquer it all. I'm so proud of us and thank him for not giving up on us. Ok, before I sidetrack further and began talking about my hero instead...... so yup, you saw how strong and brave my mom is? She could just disowned me as her daughter or something but she's brave enough to go through hell this daughter has brought her. Please don't judge me after reading this. I was but only a teenage in love ^^

I had my fair share story of my heroine who is both strong and brave and still is now even when she's in her mid-forties. What about you? Who is the heroine in your life? Yes, heroine because heros are so passé. We hear about them all the time in Disney shows but hey not for now! because Disney Pixar is bringing you a whole new heroine character called Merida! Here's a short trailer of BRAVE:

Catch Disney • Pixar’s BRAVE in cinemas this 8 August 2012 and like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow the @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!

Please stay strong, Mr. Soldier

My Soldier by AJ Rafael on Grooveshark

Saturday, July 14, 2012

you and me in the garden by the bay

applied for one and a half day leave this week to take a break off from work for my management assignments and spending quality time with hafiz since he is having his block leave...

a lil improvement on the arms. but he needs to work on his bum hehe

hfz has been eating this every single week. it has cast a spell on him 

planned to take the duck tour which i have been wanting to take since forever but the prices are so so unreasonable. decided to let that go and we visited gardens by the bay instead

hfz putting eyeliner on for me b'coz i suck at putting eyeliner w/o a big mirror

and he did pretty well! i should do a vlog on him putting makeup for me one day. that would be pretty interesting ;) #myboyfrienddoesmymakeup

holymoly check out his eyelashes!!!!!!!! too pretty baby too pretty :* well, i did applied eyeliner on him (he  asked me to! haha) and darken his eyebrow. but within seconds, he removed it away! he said he looks like gay which i totally agree!

funfact: did you know my boyfriend used to be an emo guy when he was 16? he even wore eyeliner out! everyone please put on your imagination cap and think hfz with long fringe, covering half of his face with an eyeliner on. you suck in imagining you say? i shall spare you. imagine no more and check out 16yo hfz here!

my cheeks my cheeks! they need to take some chill pills. :(

afterwards, we planned to 'eat fish' at punggol but we decided to leave that for next week (hfz promised!). as we were walking towards hfz's home, we saw the fluffy cat that got stucked in the drain yesternight. it started following us and i started grabbing hfz's arm, blocked the cat using his body and shrieking like a little pussy. it felt nostalgic because when we were still in high school, few black kittens started following us around and i had the exact same reaction. he protected me like a man when he was still 16 and 5 years + later, he still protected me like a man which he has grown to be one. oh what would i do w/o this man of mine? 50 years down the road, i still needs him to protect me from cats because i bet, i would still be afraid of them. oh come on! you know what they say; it's okay to be afraid of cats (okay actually i say one!)