Wednesday, October 31, 2012


developed my first roll of  film and was greatly disappointed. only 18 photos  managed to be develop successfully but it turned out to be a mini-disaster. ugh we need to learn how to take pictures, decent pictures from the fisheye. oh wells, better luck for our second roll!

spot nick, joe and kevin! well i kind of like the lighting here

my favourite photo from the roll

he self-camwhored and looks like a psychotic serial killer hahahaha

Sunday, October 28, 2012

goodbye dearockstar-iloveyou

while showering, i realized that i have been faithfully blogging for close to 5 years at dearockstar-iloveyou. yes, i think about the most absurb and random stuffs while showering. uh huh welcome to my life. made up my mind that comes january next year i am going to ditch this domain. pretty sad to let it go but hey, let's face it; we all know that the domain name sounded super kiddish for a 21 y/o woman girl.

if you don't already know, i created dearockstar-iloveyou because i used to call hfz my rockstar as he would  always record himself playing the guitar and singing and showed it to me. during my lucky days, he would do it live for me. so there you go the history behind my domain name. oh and here's a secret i would love to tell. before dearockstar-iloveyou, my blog domain used to be iithinkiiloveeuu. okay okay laugh all you want but i was only 16 then. and the history behind the silly domain? it was the year hfz and i met online and began chatting and was in love like with him. and that my friend, was the day i first stepped into this blogosphere . 

ain't he one lucky boy? a girl dedicating a blog for him since day 1 (and up till now), gosh!

so back to the topic.

i know hfz's heart is in a roller coaster mess right now while reading this post, thinking that i am going to stop blogging forever which also means in his world of logic that i am going to love him lesser but hey babe, what could i blog about if not you? my life revolves around you and you complete it. 

hah, that was one long sentence and i really didn't see the cheesy part coming at the end. it's just my fingers having mind of its own. sorry.

and in case you are wondering which domain i am relocating to. skinnytoast is on my number 1 list. and the next would be highonfizz. what do you think?

oh oh oh how you like my b&w themed layout now? was looking for a fresh and clean look. but i am not satisfied w/ my profile photo. time to snap a blogger-profile worth photo oh and a banner too.

while typing the words above, i texted hfz saying i won't be blogging at dr-ily comes january and his replies?
"WHY?! why you love me no more?" 
hah i know my boyfriend too well.


guess who is feeling all cheesy on a sunday afternoon and craving for some young chick flick love story to watch? moi.

so i spent my sunday on bed watching LOL. well, it was nothing great just your normal cliche chick flick stories where two best friends fall in love. above all that boy-girl-romance, i especially adore the mother-daughter relationship in the movie.
beautiful (read: hot) people featuring in the show, namely douglas booth, george finn and ashley greene expect for the main cast. cyrus as usual with her manly voice narrating the movie, kind of spoiled it.

there is this one quote that strike me most in the movie and that is...

i'd rate this movie a 7/10.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

OMJ - Oh My Jonas!

photo courtesy of lamc production
that monday night has got to be the best night, ever. so glad i changed my mind and made a wise move to ditch school for the jonas brothers. i mean hey i was such a fan and i waited since i was 15 and now that they are here i am going to give it a miss and be in class daydreaming about them instead? HELL TO THE NO! further more since i have been so hardworking and attaining a HD for my first assignment in uni... why not reward myself with this? ;) so there i go texting hfz's sister about changing my mind and psychoing my sister and boom 3 tickets booked the night before the concert!

*warning: crazy fangirl mode ahead*

Sunday, October 14, 2012

won't you take me on a picnic-date?

dear diary, it's been long since hafiz and i went on a picnic date. i want to go on a lazy picnic date with him. you know the kind where we would prepare simple dishes (hah i sound as if we know how to cook) ok no forget the preparing part since it is suppose to be a lazy one. we will just buy from the supermarket. lying down on the picnic mat and watching our favourite movies on the laptop sounds perfect and lazy too, yes?  

and when we get  bored of the movies, we would have heart-to-heart talks. oh not forgetting taking pictures of each other too. and maybe videos. i don't know. i am always curious on how we look like in the eyes of other people. maybe, these video clips could capture our moments together and give me a rough sensing. don't you think so? 

the weather must be good too. something like the perfect weather in spring. it would double the perfection if we could watch people row their boats by the lake. but i doubt we could get that kind of view in singapore?

diary, do you think hafiz would be sweet enough to take me on this picnic date?

decisions, yet again.

the last time i stayed up this late was probably last year when i was still jobless. and then now. i spent my whole saturday doing up a report which is going to be due on monday. not that i am doing last minute mind you but it is due certain circumstances which is really not wise to rant out here.

the past few weeks was nothing but madness, especially work. we had events after events since the start of september. despite all the rantings, i am glad to gain recognition from the higher-ups. i guess that is one of the highlights in working at wda. plus, the satisfaction i get after each events... ah, priceless. so glad i managed to adapt to the working style here. i remembered dragging my feet to work each day when i first came on board. well, it was after all my first full time job after temp-ing around few companies. soon, my one-year contract will be up for renewal. i am pretty certain that they would want to extend my stay there but the question here is; do i want to? this question has been probing me since the start of the week. sure, i like the people there they are pretty nice and easy to get along with. the work given to me is pretty manageable and some can be pretty fun and interesting. I have learnt a lot ever since.

then what is the problem you ask? this; i am also a student. and i have my commitments to my assignments and exams. my mind always wanders somewhere else when i looked at my lecturer. sometimes i even think of work when i am in class. like what needs to be done when i first stepped in office that kind of thing. gah, i sound like a workaholic and i don't like it. i don't even like the word workaholic.. eww

my deputy director once told me; "remember maya, study always come first."

i think i found an answer to that question.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


celebrated mom's birthday over at carousel and i'm glad i picked the right place! ;) i mean come on... just take a look at the setting and ambiance of the place. the food.. was pretty satisfying i would say. wasn't as awesome as when i came over for their dinz with hfz last year. but all in all, it was good and most importantly my momma bear was a happy fatty bear at the end of the day

the reason why i can never be a food blogger is that...i only tend to snap pretty food and when i say pretty i mean pretty. ask me to snap food like your chicken rice, tom yum noodle, yong tau foo whatnots and i will give you the death stare (kidding!). but really.... i don't understand people who instagram unpretty food :/

oh well that's not the point of this blog entry. the point i want to make is.. my mom is turning one year older today. happy 36th birthday mom. i wish you healthy always and forever, amin <3