Friday, November 16, 2012

it's never too late to go shopping

hands up if you love shopping! okay silly me, i couldn't see your hands but i am pretty sure all of us adores shopping. well, who doesn't right? it's both therapeutic and fun even though it burns your pocket but still.... shopping rocks!

it's a pity that most shopping malls closes early here in singapore. when i visited korea sometime back, their city malls were still in running in action at around 12 midnight? how awesome right? but you know, you don't have to travel all the way to korea just to enjoy late night shopping because our neighboring country offers such privilege too!

from 9 nov to 31 dec, when you visit genting, you could shop at the first world plaza up till 1am. yes you heard me right! all shops will be open from 10am all the way till 1am the next day!

yes i know i know! what is sleeping when you can be in the mall hunting shopping for pretty bags, shoes and clothings up till 1am? gosh! visit to check out the stores that are going to fully welcome your arrival up till 1 in the morning.

so are you going to book a trip to genting already?


there's something about weddings that gets me each time. they reminded me to love again when i get complacent in my relationship. my favourite question to ask when i attend a wedding is "how long have they been together?" and i love it when i got a reply that the couple has dated for > 5 years.

hfz's sister got hitched on 10/11/12 after dating her husband for 8 years. 8 years of dreaming to be each other spouse and BAM! now that it happened... i wonder how it feels like. do you think it felt like going to a concert which you have been waiting all your life for? bet it's a magical feeling! i guess i just have to wait patiently for my turn to experience that magical feeling...

the only picture i have of this beautiful family. do ignore my not-ready jealous face and check out hfz's super happy face! 

all the cutesy kids. i love love the photo booth props
got fatherly look not? ^^ nothing is more attractive than seeing your man playing w/ kids


my favourite photo of us <3
posting this up because hfz looks so cute *-* okay fine, i know he don't like me to use the word 'cute' on him. let's just settle w/ hfz looks so.... charming (hahahahhaha)! and no sorry he is NOT single >:(

because four wheels are passé. they have got vespa bitches!
i like the black-and-white settings from the groom's side more

i wish the newly wedded couple a blissful marriage life ahead!

(some) photos courtesy of ayu

on another happier and blissful note, i am anticipating for bubz and tim's wedding in august next year. not like i am invited to the wedding but hey, thank god for youtube! you need to check out their pre-wedding photoshoot video. it is too beautiful i watched it countless of times. and the song... ah so pleasing to the ears and heart <3

"so as long as I live I love you, will have and hold you, you look so beautiful in white"

Friday, November 9, 2012

sometimes wandering alone in that kind of peaceful place tends to be a bad idea. my mind travels to a world of complications, it scares me.

crap! i am hoping this is just symptoms of PMS
(or maybe not. since it was here all along)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

blue valentine

Dean: In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is, which makes you insane. 
Cindy: I like how you can compliment and insult somebody at the same time, in equal measure.

this movie right here has an unpredictable story line and an unexpected ending. + 1 point for that. and another + 1 for gosling

if you are looking for some realistic love and after-marriage story, look no further because this show won't disappoint you. i specially love how there are two parts to the story; courtship days and marriage days.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

a cosy 21st affair

21st birthday dinner treat for my girl at my favourite swedish restaurant. cannot stress enough how much i love the ambiance at the upper floor. so cosy, we felt at home. zamira's eyes widen as we reached the upper floor and it was empty.  lied to  told  her that i booked the whole place all for her and of course her being her, she believed me for a moment.

while we were settling down, we saw a white man talking to the staff while placing fake flowers on the table and i told zamira that maybe he is going to propose to his girlfriend and she gave me her you-are-always-expecting-too-much fairytale-story look. but in the end, it was not for a proposal, it was for a birthday. meh

the only shot i took but was blur! check out the cosy sofa. mad love the setting and everything

bought her a gift card from H&M yesterday during my lunch break, super impromptu but i had that idea in mind ages ago since this woman is a badass shopaholic hahaha. and she became super dramatic after i presented her this card. how dramatic? this dramatic: "omg. no one has ever done this for me. omg maya i didn't know you love me so much. i am so lucky..... awww... awww maya .... awww....awwww"

pardon the smudges and how i end of the note. i am only this shameless with someone i am comfortable with <3 and she belongs to that list ;)

wanted to ask the staffs for a lited candle but we were too shy

i had my usual meatballs. i tend to order the same meal each time. need to kick away this habit of mine and give other food a chance too. (fyi this does not apply to the man in my life. i like 'old toys') hahahahah mine and hfz's inside jokes!

her aglio olio with shrimp (i learnt a new word yesterday) which tasted pretty awesome. 

aftermath of an hour of eating and catching up session, we roamed around haji lane for some shopping.

we both felt in love w/ this musical carousel in white and gold. it was so pretty and sweet and everything nice. it costed 29.90$ but i know i wouldn't get it for myself. it would be more meaningful if someone were to get it for me. hinting level: SHAMELESS HAHAHAHHAHA

beyond cuteness boots for babies. 

captured a few fisheye shots @ haji and i am really hoping it will turn out decent, if not good. 

we planned to head to bugis for some neo-printing and discovered that.... the shop was gone! my worst nightmare is here. looks like 19th february tradition is dying... or rather dead. was super depressed for a moment last night. and i even had this thought of setting up a neoprint store hahahaha where the one and only customer would be the lady-boss herself :( okay, i know arcades have a few booth around but i reckoned their quality kinda suck? i guess we have to brainstorm for a new tradition. sigh.

we headed home after that because missy nurse had to report to work at 7am today. sucks to be her huh? and while waiting for the train, my bra kinda showed up (ok it was showing up throughout the night i am sorry it is the bra's fault, i am not a slut) and she went;
z: pull up your shirt when you tap your ezlink out okay?
m: *laugh*
z: i am serious! you look rape-able.
m: kurang ajar.
z: btw that is a compliment!

felt so love <3 and so much love i have for this woman. i can be stupid like not knowing how shrimps look like (hahahhahah shutup!) w/o fearing she would judge me. 

happy 21st darling. your knight in shining armor is still lost somewhere out there while looking for you. i will beep you when i catch a glimpse of him.

hah okay sorry me and my fairy tales again.