Friday, November 16, 2012


there's something about weddings that gets me each time. they reminded me to love again when i get complacent in my relationship. my favourite question to ask when i attend a wedding is "how long have they been together?" and i love it when i got a reply that the couple has dated for > 5 years.

hfz's sister got hitched on 10/11/12 after dating her husband for 8 years. 8 years of dreaming to be each other spouse and BAM! now that it happened... i wonder how it feels like. do you think it felt like going to a concert which you have been waiting all your life for? bet it's a magical feeling! i guess i just have to wait patiently for my turn to experience that magical feeling...

the only picture i have of this beautiful family. do ignore my not-ready jealous face and check out hfz's super happy face! 

all the cutesy kids. i love love the photo booth props
got fatherly look not? ^^ nothing is more attractive than seeing your man playing w/ kids


my favourite photo of us <3
posting this up because hfz looks so cute *-* okay fine, i know he don't like me to use the word 'cute' on him. let's just settle w/ hfz looks so.... charming (hahahahhaha)! and no sorry he is NOT single >:(

because four wheels are passé. they have got vespa bitches!
i like the black-and-white settings from the groom's side more

i wish the newly wedded couple a blissful marriage life ahead!

(some) photos courtesy of ayu

on another happier and blissful note, i am anticipating for bubz and tim's wedding in august next year. not like i am invited to the wedding but hey, thank god for youtube! you need to check out their pre-wedding photoshoot video. it is too beautiful i watched it countless of times. and the song... ah so pleasing to the ears and heart <3

"so as long as I live I love you, will have and hold you, you look so beautiful in white"