Monday, December 31, 2012

farewell 2012

last year, on this day, hfz took me out to the city in hopes to catch the fireworks. upon reaching the city and after running our errands, we decided to head home to spend the rest of the night together, in the couch, under his arms, watching the telly and counting the time to a brand new year. but today, we could not do all that as he is in the muddafucking camp but oh well... a man gotta do what a man gotta do!

amazingly fast time has passed. a year gone by just like that. if last year i did jot down my new year resolution, i am not going to do it this time round. because let's all face it that somehow as time passes, who the hell cares about new year resolution? BUT i am proud to say that i fulfilled some of my 2012 resolution though *pats on the back*

today, i am bidding farewell to dearockstar-iloveyou too. thank you for serving me well these 5 years. finally it's time to put your name to rest and move on with a new blog name and layout (if i am hardworking).

happy new year everyone!

auld lang syne

tendered my service at singapore workforce development agency (wda) on 26th December 2012. no doubt, it was definitely one of the hardest decision i had to make. despite persuasion from fellow colleagues and bosses, i remained strong with my decision. oh well, a student gotta do what a student gotta do. now that one heavy ginormous load is off my shoulder, i am praying i will do even better in school. but of course, i need some slacky jobs in between for my expenses. mmm any lobang anyone?

throughout my one-year stay at WDA, i had my fair share of ups and downs. i learnt a lot of things, i stepped out of my comfort zones and i achieved things which i never thought i could. let's just say WDA somehow shaped me into a better and confident individual.
the managers were real sweethearts. surprised me with the prettiest farewell gift a girl could ever ask for. and on my last day, we had tea time and the main topic of the conversation? "baby maya" *inside joke* err, thanks guys :S
i was busy doing my work when all of them gathered at my desk and presented the gift (':
i look like i'm tearing (':

love all the sweet little message from them! can't express how much i love receiving cards.
imagine my face *jaw drop* when i check all the palette out! super gorgeous colour. but i'm a noob in makeup so i need to watch youtube tutorial to play around with the colours. play makeup over at my house, anyone? ;)
some of the princessy and pinky items i received. the mirror was from my A.D, the santa clause wrapping was from my admin managers and the other two was one of the few xmas gifts i got from my darling executives ;) 
a card (!!!!) and reeses chocolates from two executives from another (tourism) division. known them for less than 2 months but we could all get along pretty well <3
gave them these super adorable paperclip bookmark and a small card. got to thank hfz for accompanying me hunt for this items even though he couldn't stop whining about how long i took to just choose these paperclips and cards (think i took around 1 hour for each) hahahaha but hey! i got to choose properly for each and everyone of them. 

my 'co-model' manager who did the photo shoot with me.
ridiculous pants hor? ;P 

the man in white is also my manager (hahahah too many managers!)
one open-minded man that i could make fun of and chat like a pal. 

sadly, i did not manage to snap an individual picture w/ the rest of my managers because my last day was pretty hectic. :(

moving on to my executives which no doubt i am going to miss the most! the bunch who are always there to hear me rant about work/school, the bunch whom i always had lunch with and the bunch who are not only my colleagues but friends for keep <3

Healthcare Retail Business Divison (HRBD) executives <3
Quality Assurance Division (QAD) executives. except the dude; he is a manager in my division. he is such a nice guy fyi. 
(insert more pictures which is not w/ me. will upload when i received them )

"maya don't go la. everyone here love you..." nearly teared when i hear this from one of the manager. well, the rest of managers said the same thing to me but.... hey! i might just be back once i get my cert maybe this time round as a manager! *wriggles eyebrow*

/and fyi in case you are wondering why the title of this blogspot is called auld lang syne was because...

hfz: confirm your last day they sing for you the 'auld lang syne' song.
(on 26th dec) hfz: so did they sing for you the 'auld lang syne' song?

he and his auld lang syne.... what a qt. forever making me laugh <3

ending this post with my email signature because i miss sending out billions of emails a day.... no really,  i am serious!

Friday, December 28, 2012


“But I must admit I miss you quite terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby. I go to bed early and rise late and feel as if I have hardly slept.” - Lemony Snicket, The Beatrice Letters

i am sitting in a dimly lit room missing my boyfriend who is out there defending the country. please come back to my arms soon ...

Friday, December 21, 2012

i was in an ambulance for the first time!

few days back i went for a photo shoot. this time round, it is work related. thought it is going to be pretty mundane but boy was i wrong. my manager asked me if i could be a talent along w/ the other manager  to appear in the healthcare WSQ brochure/banner for the hospitals since they wanted new fresh faces and then i thought.. why not right? the dress code was: avoid dark colors and wear light color polo top and jeans. but being the rebel me, i turned up in my kaftan top and jeans and my assistant director went "eh you think you come here do fashion show ah?" *giggles*

the location of the shoot was at a vacant hdb waiting to be demolished. i would love to go back there and do my own *cough* photo shoot ;)

i arrived pretty early and had to wait for the paramedics. i was pretty surprised that we were expecting a real ambulance. didn't really bother finding out the background of this shoot before hand but instead days before the shoot, me and the other manager were discussing of what poses we could actually do!

julian: ooo we are going to be models!
me: do you think there will be make-up artist? 
julian: you are suppose to be a patient. you think can put blusher all ah? you wanna be on top top top~!
me: ahhh what poses can we do? need to watch ANTM! it has been long. do you remember if there was any episode of the models posing as patient? 

upon the arrival of the medics, they gathered for some briefing *refer to picture above* and the photo shoot started.
fyi, the mask contain real fresh oxygen. it feels weird.
my assistant director wouldn't stop with his "pain maya! i want pain! give me pain!" at the background which resulted in me laughing. he was like tyra banks! and thank god for very friendly and patient camera crews. it's funny how they make comments while snapping which resulted in me giving them a smile/laugh instead of painful expression. like for instance; the camera man went "pretend you are acting at a suria drama. actually girl, you look like one eh!" what a funny remark from a funny man.

moving on to the medics.. the thing about capturing a good photo is you have to work together to whoever is in the frame with you. and w/ me were two strangers. one moment the camera man told us to communicate and the next to look (i.e: eye contact) at each other. so we started to have small talks and you have no idea how uncomfortable i am w/ having small talks with strangers especially doods. it was like a errr...taking a roller coaster ride.
"you malay right? your accent sounds like chinese." omg thanks malay dood. i am taking that as a compliment! hooray to no malay accent ;)

... and a whole lot more questions which made me think i am in some kind of a blind date. not like i went for one before but yeah...oh please don't get me started on the eye contact part. it was pretty damn awkward. the heart beat rate machine that was attached to my finger wasn't helping at all. because of that, i was the tool for them to tease. go figure.

all in all, it was a great experience. remember to spot me if you happen to visit the local hospitals. truth be told, i am not too sure where it will be and when it will officially be out. but i am crossing my figures that i will at least look decent if not good. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012


developed my second roll and i was pretty satisfied with the results. this time round, 30/36 successfuly got developed. hooray!

jps under the cut..

Saturday, December 8, 2012

miss you, blog

oh god you have no idea how much i miss blogging while i was mugging for my paper. in case you are wondering, my paper went pretty alright. alright in a sense that i'm confident of passing but not-so-confident in scoring the Ds and HDs. i want them Ds so bad you have no idea. felt weird to set a high standard for myself in this particular phase of life when throughout all my study life i have been satisfied with just passing marks. i guess it's because this time round i know how much money the parent had to fork out to pay for my fees. talk about being mature ;) apart from that, i have been kicking off uni life awesomely with scoring all Ds for the year1 modules and and being the top-scorer for a 2000-word essay. and fyi, that was my first time writing an essay that long! so you see... maybe that's the reason why i'm aiming sky high. but hey, it is a good thing right?! one needs to dream big in order to be successful, yes? YES! let's forget school for a moment till semester 2 resumes in early january.

i have made a huge decision in my life, in my career life. no doubt it is a hard choice but hey i know it is for the best. pretty stoked to know what 2013 has in store for me ;) i know it would be way, way better than 2012.

oh and..... i had my first formal photo shoot today. when i say 'formal', i meant to say the cameraman wasn't my boyfriend. it was some stranger. and you know me being me, i was so shy in doing all the artsy-fartsy poses but the camera-man and the crew were so friendly and i could sense they were trying to make me comfortable. i think i did well for a first-timer ;) can't wait to receive the jpgs.