Monday, December 31, 2012

auld lang syne

tendered my service at singapore workforce development agency (wda) on 26th December 2012. no doubt, it was definitely one of the hardest decision i had to make. despite persuasion from fellow colleagues and bosses, i remained strong with my decision. oh well, a student gotta do what a student gotta do. now that one heavy ginormous load is off my shoulder, i am praying i will do even better in school. but of course, i need some slacky jobs in between for my expenses. mmm any lobang anyone?

throughout my one-year stay at WDA, i had my fair share of ups and downs. i learnt a lot of things, i stepped out of my comfort zones and i achieved things which i never thought i could. let's just say WDA somehow shaped me into a better and confident individual.
the managers were real sweethearts. surprised me with the prettiest farewell gift a girl could ever ask for. and on my last day, we had tea time and the main topic of the conversation? "baby maya" *inside joke* err, thanks guys :S
i was busy doing my work when all of them gathered at my desk and presented the gift (':
i look like i'm tearing (':

love all the sweet little message from them! can't express how much i love receiving cards.
imagine my face *jaw drop* when i check all the palette out! super gorgeous colour. but i'm a noob in makeup so i need to watch youtube tutorial to play around with the colours. play makeup over at my house, anyone? ;)
some of the princessy and pinky items i received. the mirror was from my A.D, the santa clause wrapping was from my admin managers and the other two was one of the few xmas gifts i got from my darling executives ;) 
a card (!!!!) and reeses chocolates from two executives from another (tourism) division. known them for less than 2 months but we could all get along pretty well <3
gave them these super adorable paperclip bookmark and a small card. got to thank hfz for accompanying me hunt for this items even though he couldn't stop whining about how long i took to just choose these paperclips and cards (think i took around 1 hour for each) hahahaha but hey! i got to choose properly for each and everyone of them. 

my 'co-model' manager who did the photo shoot with me.
ridiculous pants hor? ;P 

the man in white is also my manager (hahahah too many managers!)
one open-minded man that i could make fun of and chat like a pal. 

sadly, i did not manage to snap an individual picture w/ the rest of my managers because my last day was pretty hectic. :(

moving on to my executives which no doubt i am going to miss the most! the bunch who are always there to hear me rant about work/school, the bunch whom i always had lunch with and the bunch who are not only my colleagues but friends for keep <3

Healthcare Retail Business Divison (HRBD) executives <3
Quality Assurance Division (QAD) executives. except the dude; he is a manager in my division. he is such a nice guy fyi. 
(insert more pictures which is not w/ me. will upload when i received them )

"maya don't go la. everyone here love you..." nearly teared when i hear this from one of the manager. well, the rest of managers said the same thing to me but.... hey! i might just be back once i get my cert maybe this time round as a manager! *wriggles eyebrow*

/and fyi in case you are wondering why the title of this blogspot is called auld lang syne was because...

hfz: confirm your last day they sing for you the 'auld lang syne' song.
(on 26th dec) hfz: so did they sing for you the 'auld lang syne' song?

he and his auld lang syne.... what a qt. forever making me laugh <3

ending this post with my email signature because i miss sending out billions of emails a day.... no really,  i am serious!