Monday, December 31, 2012

farewell 2012

last year, on this day, hfz took me out to the city in hopes to catch the fireworks. upon reaching the city and after running our errands, we decided to head home to spend the rest of the night together, in the couch, under his arms, watching the telly and counting the time to a brand new year. but today, we could not do all that as he is in the muddafucking camp but oh well... a man gotta do what a man gotta do!

amazingly fast time has passed. a year gone by just like that. if last year i did jot down my new year resolution, i am not going to do it this time round. because let's all face it that somehow as time passes, who the hell cares about new year resolution? BUT i am proud to say that i fulfilled some of my 2012 resolution though *pats on the back*

today, i am bidding farewell to dearockstar-iloveyou too. thank you for serving me well these 5 years. finally it's time to put your name to rest and move on with a new blog name and layout (if i am hardworking).

happy new year everyone!