Saturday, December 8, 2012

miss you, blog

oh god you have no idea how much i miss blogging while i was mugging for my paper. in case you are wondering, my paper went pretty alright. alright in a sense that i'm confident of passing but not-so-confident in scoring the Ds and HDs. i want them Ds so bad you have no idea. felt weird to set a high standard for myself in this particular phase of life when throughout all my study life i have been satisfied with just passing marks. i guess it's because this time round i know how much money the parent had to fork out to pay for my fees. talk about being mature ;) apart from that, i have been kicking off uni life awesomely with scoring all Ds for the year1 modules and and being the top-scorer for a 2000-word essay. and fyi, that was my first time writing an essay that long! so you see... maybe that's the reason why i'm aiming sky high. but hey, it is a good thing right?! one needs to dream big in order to be successful, yes? YES! let's forget school for a moment till semester 2 resumes in early january.

i have made a huge decision in my life, in my career life. no doubt it is a hard choice but hey i know it is for the best. pretty stoked to know what 2013 has in store for me ;) i know it would be way, way better than 2012.

oh and..... i had my first formal photo shoot today. when i say 'formal', i meant to say the cameraman wasn't my boyfriend. it was some stranger. and you know me being me, i was so shy in doing all the artsy-fartsy poses but the camera-man and the crew were so friendly and i could sense they were trying to make me comfortable. i think i did well for a first-timer ;) can't wait to receive the jpgs.