Saturday, December 28, 2013

little black jacket

been feeling all artsy fartsy lately thus the decision to make a trip down the art museum for a chanel's exhibition. we got to hang out with life-sized poster elle fanning, elizabeth olsen, alexa chung, lily allen and some dude name baptiste who got my plus-1 all excited.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

dancing on the mud

hfz planned an impromptu cycling date last saturdate. was contemplating in the beginning because that day feels like a cuddling-at-home-while-watching-movies-and-stuffing-our-face-with-junkfood kinda day for me! glad we went to the (pasir ris) park because the weather was pretty lovely albeit the slight drizzling. we rented the bike for 2 hours and had a looooooooooooooooong break in between haha /useless/ my fault la my fault! disclaimer: it's not because i'm weak or anything it was because i wanted to take a photo whenever i saw a nice scenic background :)

our first pit-stop! ;)

less than 15 minutes of cycling and we made our second pit-stop hahaha! hey like i said it wasn't because i was tired. it was because of the nice scenery that is photo-worthy! i mean just take a look at this and you will get what i mean:


anyways, here comes the highlight of the date! while we were cycling back, i lead the (wrong!) way and my bike's wheel got caught on the grass patches filled with mud. EEEEEEEEEWWWW was 'dancing' awkwardly trying to balance myself from falling down which result in my legs full of mud. DOUBLE EEW! i am never cycling on them grass ever again! bloody hfz didn't catch me because he claims that he can't comprehend what was going on as everything was happening so fast. pffft, kids! knight in shining armour doesn't exist (!!!) hahah just kidding! as soon as my feet were soaked with mud, i quickly ran to the land leaving my bicycle and one side of my thongs on the wet muddy grass and my dear knight in shining armour carried them both on land for me <3 /swoon away/ *think cinderella! hahahahhaha*

we ended the day with a nice meal and a bus ride home. thank you for being you, taking me to places no one else would and sharing these beautiful, silly and funny memories with me.

lets be merry

wearing a snapback because ain't nobody got time to wear silly santa hats ;)

finally have the time to experiment my sephora palette which i have been neglecting for ages! there are tons more selfies because i didn't want my amateur makeup look to go to waste (since i wasn't going out either). this x'mas i surprised myself by capturing 832658120165 different emotions within a minute. think i just figured out my new talent ho ho ho!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


one of the rare days i think i look pretty good for selfies. so you know what that means? camwhore lah since i was also waiting for a call from nabilah to give me the signal to leave home.

haven't met nabilah for ages. almost wanted to cancel the date since it was a sunday and usually sundays means a lazy sloth day for me. but glad i didn't :)
bloody awesome prawns. accidentally told the waiter to change the prawns to rice when i wanted to change the FRIES to RICE instead. the fella kept looking at me and smiling, tsk.

my girl has grown up now (': i hope she finds her mr. right soon
decided to make an impromptu visit to the singapore arts museum and hey hey the perks of being a student? free entry baby. it was pretty alright. managed to learn a thing or two

such a lovely sunday. hoping that our vacation 2014 will come to live next year. woo stoked! /cross fingers and toes/

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

lee fizzho

/continuation from yesterday's post/

haha fooling around with hfz on whatsapp pretending like he is some kind of superstar. this is the reason why i'm still with him. he entertains my nonsense when no one else will <3

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

nothing like LMH

turned my fangirling mode on yesterday at the changi airport to welcome the arrival of /chuckles/ lee min ho.

he. handsome. he made. me. go. weak. on. my. knees. LITERALLY! so glad we made that impromptu plan to head to the airport after work albeit seeing him for only a few seconds (pfff)

all them fangirls. not only were there xmms but there were makciks, nyonyas and apeks too okay! i mean... come'on it's LMH who can resist him you tell me?!

we kope the stickers that were meant to be passed around hahahahahaha!
the videos which i recorded turned out super shaky so to spare you the torture here's one i ripped from youtube;

did you see what he was wearing? and did you see what i was wearing?! /winkwinkwink/

anyways we made friends with a lady standing next to us (the admin of his fanclub page) and she cheated our feelings when asked about his walking speed. fella told us that he will walk his normal speed but.... he walked like a mahfucking ninja! (blame on those long legs i guess? i feel you minho! i really do)

well.. it's better than nothing i suppose? at least i got to see the man in real life woohoo! i feel like heading to the aiport again tomorrow for another round of fangirling sesh. this time round it is for.....

lee FIZZ ho bitches! hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahah inspired by sgkwave.  
but really! i'm so happy hfz is coming home tomorrow after his five days vacation. i can fangirl over him all day err day now woohooo (no, just kidding! i can't wait to see what he bought for me!)

w o w sorry too much fangirling in this post! it makes me sound like a crazy and delusional 13y/o haha.

/clears throat/ /clears throat/ /clears throat/

so... did anyone check the stock price today?!