Saturday, January 5, 2013

i (heart) hfz

"when you like someone, you like them in spite of their faults. When you love someone, you love them with their faults.”

on thursday, i finally went on a date with hfz after not seeing him for 2weeks! i had a great day with him, albeit the cliché lunch-movie-shopping-dinner-date.

trying out the paranoma setting on my iphone5! not bad huh? ^^

he always cracked me up with his au-naturel funny personality. I asked him to guess what "OOTD" stands for and he took it very seriously claiming that if he couldn't find an answer, he would not be able to sleep! such joker. he was driving while making his guesses and got honked by a motorcyclist hahahaha oops my bad! here are some of his guesses...

"over the top dress" 
"orang (person) of the day - this has got to be the funniest!

but being the smart boy he is, he got it right in the end!

on another date we had weeks ago, we were at hallmark and I was browsing and looking for stuffs to get for xmas exchange gift, hfz on the other hand, was browsing through cards at the card session. he came up to me with a few best-wife cards and asked me to read them. haha guess who instantly melted and gave him a kiss?!  i would love to receive these from him few years down the road. wished i could document that scene down. smiled to myself each time I recalled that moment and yes, as I'm tying this I am smiling to my laptop hahaha what a freak in love!

hfz love to ask me this question "why do you love me? why are you still with me?"
he would then continue blabbering all his bad points (according to him which i don't really care) like "i don't know how to smile. you always asked me not to look at the camera but you instead" (hahahaha at this part! perfect example would be the picture below) crazy boy! why would i leave him if he don't look in our pictures together?! (which i do not agree with him! he look fine/great) and he said that "but having a good and nice photo is everything to you!" why does he make me sound like a (idk the right word to insert here)

"can you please look at me with love?!" i asked hfz after taking this shot. hahahahaha. but then i figured that this first shot was the best of them all. thankful for such a boyfriend who would snap pretty pictures with him despite him making so much noise about how short his hair is etc. but hey! hfz needs to know that w/o him, my photos would turn out lifeless. 

ugh. i'm hopelessly in love, it's crazy


h said...

awwwwwwwwwww hahahahha stop trying to act sweet

maya scodelario said...

bitch please! i AM sweet!