Sunday, January 6, 2013

happy wedding

yesterday I attended a long-distance relative's wedding. it was held by the sea and I absolutely love the scenery! it was my first time attending such a grand wedding. okay, maybe not as grand as being held in a hotel but ahh hotel are so cliché.

dad: so where do you want your wedding to be held?
me: at the airport runway. so I can straight away go honeymoon from there. #WIN

well truth be told, I don't really mind where my wedding will be held at because what matter most would be to gain everyone's blessing and share my happiness!
but then again, if my future husband wants to give me an airport runway wedding, I wouldn't say no, duh! bet ours would top the chart in the special-wedding-venue lists!

just the other day I showed sera a video of hfz's sister friends giving a short speech on her wedding. and look at our convo *giggles*

i somehow felt all tingly and warm inside each time friends told me they look forward to my wedding. *wipe tears*

and talking about wedding speeches, everyone needs to look at this wedding speech by tom fletcher. i think he just raised the bar for all the other grooms out there!

no no, not giving any pressure here, mr future husband. hehehe ;)