Monday, February 25, 2013

baby c

k bye. got to get ready for school so that i can earn more $ in future to earn these babies

Sunday, February 24, 2013

tonight, i celebrate my love for you

i'm thankful God sees us through another year. clicking on (more adventures ahead) will lead you to the  activities we did this year which was something we never did/went before. pretty awesome experience... so let's go CLICK CLICK!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the day we turned 6

i am not sure when i will be done blogging about the anniversary date since there are so many photos and videos scattered everywhere from the camera to the iPhone to the disc but for now, enjoy this sneak preview ;)


haha hfz did a short update on the lovebyte app.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

are you with the right one?

chanced upon this meaningful article on facebook and i thought of posting it here just as a reminder to myself  if i ever faced major setbacks in my relationship in the near future...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

i r vain

finding the time to feed this space with something, anything because i feel like typing fun and happy stuffs instead of boring reports and essays! speaking of that i just finished doing my part of the group report which i felt a sense of achievement after completing it because i have learnt something new about... McDonald's! nah, don't worry i am not going to type another long ass topic on McDonald's here even though it is pretty interesting. i'm just going to do an update on yesterday's meet-up with my favourite ITSM girls. so here we go.....

Friday, February 1, 2013

dining chocolates with the king

last year, hfz told me that he could make do with celebrating his birthday and anniversary together but... NO! how can we not celebrate the my king's born day?! honestly, i was really lazy busy this year thus i barely prepared anything for him except a phone call to the restaurant for a reservation.

i didn't tell him the plan for the night because i wanted to surprise him! nothing can top the surprises he received last year but hey a surprise is still a surprise right? knowing how much hfz love chocolates, i brought him to the chocolate bar at marina bay sands' hotel. thanks to missy z for recommending this place too. 

we were supposed to reach the place at 8:30pm but was quite a bit late as we were hunting for hfz's b'day gift. i dragged his hand and pestered him to walk quickly. as we went up the elevator, i made him believe that i got him a room there but my boyfriend played it cool by playing with his phone and told me not to "talk cock" :( but okay, his face brightened up when i told him that we were going to have chocolate buffet!

took the outdoor table and the view was breathtaking; gardens by the bay, city lights, cruises on the sea, full moon.
+ points for romantic night.

the pretty red velvet which tasted horrible :(

wished i tried the chocolate lollipop :( so full of regrets now as i looked back at the jpgs. we gave up eating after 2 rounds because... CHOCOLATE OVERLOADED TO THE MAX! #uselessbuffeteater

the staffs approached our table with this while singing the birthday song. this came as a surprise for me because they did not alert me! it was even a greater surprise to the birthday boy
my 22 year old man!

the best thing about the bar locating at level 57 was that we could chill at the sky park too. so we took the opportunity to see hunks in six pacs apeks with bulging tummy swimming! haha i'm just kidding but seriously the infinity pool looks pretty awesome!

anyway, my verdict on the chocolate bar? their chocolates were pretty alright... nothing much to raved about boy do i love the ambiance. such a romantic night though we talked about not-so-romantic things urrrgrrr (!!) but nevertheless it was a great night with the birthday boy <3