Sunday, March 10, 2013

life updates from 1 to 17

here's how my life has been like recently;

1) visited the super-mart with mom for some groceries shopping. and learning a thing or two about being the perfect housewife since she plans to marry me of 3 years later. oh which reminds me of something... few nights back my mom asked me to fry an egg for myself for dinner and asked me "do you know how?" and i replied "ah you fry la"  since i was feeling tired after a long day and she TSK-ed at me and went "how to have husband like that?" i mean weren't she hinting/offering to fry an egg for me or something? but whatever, she still fried it for me in the end heeheehee. fyi, i really know how to fry an egg just that i was tired okay.

2) visited ikea for their meatballs but due to the hoo-haa horsey issue they stopped selling. business resume back again one week later (the day before yesterday) where they started selling 10cents per balls. apart from that, i wanted to find the perfect full-length mirror my room and when i finally found it, it has to be out of stock. 


 3) online booked safe heaven at the cathay orchard but we went to the cathay at dobhy ghaut instead. was about to lose my temper when the malay girl told me that they did not have slot for 3pm and then i realized i was at the wrong outlet. hands down, embarrassing moment ever. cabbed down to cine and was late for about 1/2hr. anyways, it was a great movie. anything by nicholas sparks is good. didn't expect tears to escape from my eyes but my bf laughing at me about that was expected.

4) i'm in the midst of reading the book too, at chapter 35.  you are missing a lot in life if you don't read novels written by sparks

5) went shopping and came across an argument between the retail woman and a customer. managed to snap this shot right before the intense argument broke off. the argument didn't stopped me from getting a pretty 8$ hounds-tooth pants.

6) because i thought posing in front of the tins were pretty cool. well at least it gained quite a number of likes on instagram. WHUDUP 

7) had an unsatisfactory steamboat for dinner but since i was hungry... anything goes.

8) and then, there was my bf going on one knees to play the guitar. such a charm he is.

9) but a pity he is still stuck with the xcb me. 

 10) study session at the place which i've been wanting to mug at. well, it was a pretty romantic place to do anything but... study.

10 i) 4 foreigner dudes decided to interrupt my peaceful moments by smoking around the area. so i migrated to the seat inside the cafe.

 11) walked past my favouite area in raffles place. i'd love to go on a picnic here (if it's even possible)

12) visited IT fair with my geeky bf during the weekend

 13) had lunch at thai express and while waiting for our food to be served, i asked hfz if i should cut my hair and he asked "cut short hair?" i gave him the WTF look and replied "you mean we cut hair our hair longer." he said a lot of stupid things yesterday like "boss headphone" instead of "dr. beats" idk what's wrong with him but don't worry, most of the days he is pretty intelligent. yesterday was just an exception.

14) my too-lazy-to-dress-up day.

15) headed to nex for the tastiest mushroom soup and meh-ish baskin robbins.

 16) never really paid much attention to polyvore until today. so here's my first outfit look. i thought i would wear this out on a trip to the zoo

17) i have been officially hooked to the vampire diaries and i just watched 3hours of episodes back to back when i should be burying my head into the books and notes. i mean just take a look at this gorgeous people... who could resist man? mmf

alright, that's pretty much it! ;)