Tuesday, March 26, 2013

love you like zombies love eating brains

"you should always be taking pictures if not with a camera then with your mind."

zombie date with hfz on a saturdate. and by zombie date, i meant watching zombie movie; warm bodies. such an adorable and sweet story line. will find the time to read the novel once i'm done with my exams. hate how university don't allow me to have sufficient time for my favourite reads.

we chilled at vivo rooftop and took pictures. plenty of them. we peeped the couple beside us making out. we laid down and stargaze and i sang chasing cars by snow patrol. we laughed so hard when i let out a loud fart accidentally. i tried on your timberland boots and we both agreed i my feet looked pretty hot in them. we watched you doing push ups and i was impressed. we watched me doing push ups and sit ups and we both agree i am one un-fit bitch. you were doing your multi-tasking stunts reading boring articles on wikipedia while we kissed and then i caught you. but i am not angry. i thought i find that act pretty cute. maybe because i like men who reads. it makes them look intelligent and intelligent men are so so attractive. i thought i should be thankful for scoring myself an intelligent boyfriend and one who could take awesome pictures of me;

got hfz to wear plaid tee out that day and when he saw me wearing a similar outfit he said "geez we look stupid." . hee  fashion police says that wearing couple tee is okay (once in a while). and the reason why i choose plaid was to match the movie theme; ZOMBIE! so there we have it... a zombie date ;)