Friday, April 19, 2013


guess who is finally able to let loose and have some peaceful sleep?! such a total relief exams are over. here's  what i've been up to when i was away. nothing much actually but just catching up with old friends and studying, studying and more studying.

1) catching up session + mini b'day celebration for a uni pal of mine. whoever says that you can't find true friends in uni? i found pretty awesome ones ;) just wished i found them at the earlier part of my life though.

2) discovering delifrance nowadays feels like you have unlocked an achievement or something. their croissants are no doubt.. the best. hands down3) i cut my hair.... again and i love it. 
4) went mugging at my favourite place to mug at! 

5) all ready to fight for the first battle!
 6) some sweet treats to reward ourselves after the first paper. initially, we had a 30 minutes walk around tiong bahru area to find a damn cafe but we failed... miserably. and we settled for the marble slab @ clarke quay instead.

7) i love eating in front of mirrors. the last (and first) time i did this was with missy z. such vainasses were we!

8) i have been a bad girlf lately.. ignoring my boyfriend due to exams. but i am going to meet him tomorrow and spend quality time together. stoked! <3