Wednesday, May 29, 2013

22 with the fizzy and fishies

this year round hfz decided to bring me to the SEA aquarium since it's the talk of the town. unlike last year, i'm so glad the day turned out fine despite not getting to sit on the supermarket buggy which i did last year :( well, i thought of making it a tradition to fulfill every 11 May but here's a self reality check: I'M TURNING OLDER EACH YEAR!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

the fault in our stars

via pages and perfumes
i need to stop procrastinating and get my hands on this novel. pronto!

Friday, May 24, 2013

eat play love

apart from wimbly lu, eat-play-love is another cutest café in town. they are both adult and kids-friendly. while the adults could chit-chat over their meal, the kids could bond together over art&craft. a win-win situation isn't it? and what's better is that they are selling ol-skool snacks! perfect place to catch up with your archived (old) mates and relieve those childhood memories.

lately, there's something about tiffany blueish shades that attracts me <3

my favourites used to be the eyeclass candy, choki choki and tora snacks!

they served not only typical western food but also asian food like your favourite chicken rice!

don't you just adore the decor? i know i do!

since we came around tea time, they do not take orders for the main dish :( so we had waffles and ice-cream

a birthday gift from the girl who shares the same birthday as me ;)

to many more years of celebrations together <3

i'm definitely giving this place a visit again to try their high-tea set. so..... eat-play-love with me, anyone? (;

eatplaylove cafe
28 Aliwal Street

open 12pm to 10pm Daily, closed on tuesdays
kitchen closes 3pm to 6pm, except weekends & PH

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

flowers buffet

if i were a full-time blogger, i would have been terminated by my manager for the lack of updates if the "on hiatus because i'm nursing a broken heart" is an invalid reason. but zipzap to reality, i ain't no blogger yo! though i inspire to be one, one day. and even though i ain't no blogger, i still am responsible to feed the space with something, anything because if i don't, my boyfriend will assume i'm on the road to dumping him since it is the-breakup-season. but no worries we are not joining the club, we are good once again. you could say that he's some sort of like my manager and only fan for this blog!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"nothing else can break my heart like true love"

perfect song that explains exactly how i am feeling about a boy. i'm starting to love pink!

anyway, i'm glad the month of may started out right ;)