Saturday, July 27, 2013

family dinner conversation

so my sister's friend came over and delivered fish and chips which she cook herself.

/during dinner/

mom: at least she take the initiatives to cook. look at my daughters.. when i was your age i already knew how to cook curry, (name some other dishes).

sister: that was then. now is different. girls no need to learn how to cook. they need to know how to study, get good GPA, NO TIME FOR CURRY!

me: *LMAO* while happily chewing on my fish and chips

before i went on an exam hiatus, i should prolly feed this space with some updates since i have pictures rotting at my phone album. so.... here we go!

met up with hfz for dinner last weekend after not seeing him for few weeks due to national service. these days, we bickered over everything. at times i felt like pushing him off the clift and then running down to save him but that's another topic and i have already draft a post regarding that... just waiting for the perfect time to publish it. anyways i was madly deeply craving for ayam penyet but due to the scumbag crowds, we had to give it a pass and settled for something else. meh, I HAVE YET TO GET MY AYAM PENYET TILL TODAY! :(
i love wednesdays because i get to knocked off from work earlier. went to have some me-time shopping to reward myself because i have conquered all the pain-in-the-ass assignments. managed to get few good deals from zara. that place is full of shopping devils calling my name even when i'm at the cashier asking me to get every thing there.

met up with ma girl for dinner. no idea why but the people whom i love ALWAYS love making me wait for them each time we meet up. i guess that's true love huh? the littlest things they do that pisses you off so much yet you still stick close to them. 
"you look like a supermodel. and i'm not kidding. look at my serious face" - says my cockeye girl
went window shopping for some heels and this 4-inch caught my eye. had to give it a pass because i do not want to go about walking in the heels while my friends are two heads shorter than me :( think it's time i start finding myself taller friends
and this OOTD shots which i shamelessly took in front of  vanda's boxers is for hfz who thinks i can't pull off wearing green pants. bitch please... your gf got swag!
yesternight, i met up with the poly clique for dinner and  some catching up and also... playing sparkles (obviously, my idea) to relive the good ol' childhood days. didn't took any group shots but here's two videos i managed to vine it;

pinky promise with missy see because she promised me some stuffs and lately y'knw how people take promises lightly and don't fulfill them? so i had to do this! should start doing this whenever people promise me stuffs. such brilliant idea, yay me!

abrupt ending of my "awkward giraffe moment"... 

... you're welcome. have a good weekend ahead ;)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Technology Ruins Romance

In this day and age, all the beautifully tragic and emotional romantic situations from the past are a lot more difficult to come by. Lost loves, missed opportunities, lovers' quests...are all taking on new shapes and forms.

Friday, July 12, 2013


apart from witnessing a grown up man freaking out beside me because of a cockroach, my week has been pretty mundane.

guess i've got to thank the roach for appearing out of nowhere haha

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

chasing for time

i have exactly one month to prepare myself for another round of examination. the clock is ticking and i need to plan my schedule wisely. i have 101 things on my mind right now that is fighting for my attention but i'm clueless as to where i should begin. should prolly start revising now and stop all the procrastination but hah... WHO AM I KIDDING

no seriously, i need to start opening my textbooks soon.

fund me some motivation(s), anyone? :(

on another news, the weather looks pretty awesome today. so i took my first video on vine. ya, i know ig videos are in nowadays but hey, i'm hipster (kidding!)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

ironic how this space is a tool for vomiting out my happiness but it's also a place where i seek for help to pick myself up.

this blog, it means so much to me.
so glad for it's existence.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

never good enough

his words kept repeating in my head like a broken recorder. not quite sure who or what i should feel disgusted at. myself or the ugly remarks he kept feeding me with.

as his nasty remarks multiplies, the meter on my self esteem machine reached it's negativity. maybe, the antidote for all these bullshit could come in the form of a fairy godmother where she would sprinkle some confidence on me. hah, funny how even when i'm at my lowest i still yearns for a fairy tale story /slaps/

once again i've come to the crossroad of moving on or trying harder. the only difference between this time and all the other times is that this time i'm too afraid to make the same decision i've been making. because each time I picked myself up, i found myself tumbling back down again

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

emotional roller coaster ride

i'm having the emotions of an insane woman and it's creeping me out. big time