Thursday, September 26, 2013

hey sponge

currently multi-tasking between doing my essay research and drafting out this blog post because i need to blog this down.. for memory sake. (in case i lose my memory one day, i know i will always have my blog to depend on. haha sorry too much channel 8 drama. and yeah, i enjoy watching chinese dramas they are so good but let's talk about that in another post yeah?)

(approx.) 6 years ago, hfz bought this spongebob soft toy for me..

the one and only soft toy i have because he later figured out that i am not a fan of soft toys. somehow, that kinda made me realise that about myself too.

gosh! he has got to be the luckiest man in the world *shameless*. unlike other girls, i don't fancy soft toys or flowers (haha he bought 3 stalks of roses for me and i sorta nag at him) so he need not spend so much $ to buy them for me but heyyyyyyyy i am a huge fan of CHANEL. okay.... maybe not exactly the luckiest man in the world