Monday, September 30, 2013

i will always want you

i am beyond hopeless when it comes to watching proposal/wedding vows video. tears stream down my eyes like i am the one being proposed to. gosh!

anyhoos, this is what i have been waiting for since last year. bubz and tim's wedding :) what makes it even more beautiful is that they have been together since 16y/o. somehow the longer the couple dated before wedding, the more beautiful the wedding is (well to me it is)

my sunday was fun-filled with weddings. two wedding in a day only means one thing: BRIYANI OVERLOAD!

she turns 19 today! 
wished she could be 3y/o forever. she's the cutest at that age (':

this young chap here is the friendliest kid i ever met!
he is so lovely (: he makes me want to have a son in future

his grandmother (who looks damn young) was a long-lost friend of my mom. that's the beauty of weddings i guess? you get to meet people from the past/one you have lost contact with.

right after we snap this photo, his grandma called him and he ran over while grabbing my sister's hand with him. OMG cuteness overload! boy is going to grow up to be a heart breaker <3

but of course nothing in the world can beat the level of loveliness of my man *eeeeew*

but he is NOT lovely at all when he is late for dates grrr. so what do i do while waiting for him?
take the chance to spam my phone with selfies.. that's what! + don't hate on me because i haven't taken selfies for the longest time okay

and at the petrol station when hfz is leaving the car to make payment, it calls for some selfies-time again! felt pretty bad when i judged this uncle (as a teekopek) by the way he talks. was telling hfz not to leave me alone in the car with him around. haha dramatic maya is dramatic. the uncle was so harmless he even cleaned the car  windows for us. hfz gave him tips for that ;) thank you uncle and sorry for thinking you are a teekopek

made our way to bugis for our last meal at tongseng since they are closing down soon. poor hfz kept tearing because he dump the whole chili padi that was served onto his bowl. who ask you act kewl?

aftermath of a torturous lunch (for hfz), we did some shopping and finally tried on the crepes. my take on it? ultimate meh-ness. it is not tasty at all!

what to do when your bf is taking forever at the fitting room?
whip out your camera and snap, of course :D 

pretty fruitful weekend to end the month with and i'm pretty stoked for the month of october! 
hello green day time to wake up! the month of september is (almost) over


hfz said...

LOL. why you tell ppl everything! I didn't tear okay.