Monday, September 9, 2013

not a shopoholic, just saving the economy

went shopping with ma sister on saturday. withdrew $$$ and spend every single cents without me realizing.. oh well it has been sometime since i shop offline anyway haha

hipster caption: "whut"

the drink everyone was raving about.
but i did not purchase it in the end
coz i prefer ma fruit juice

give me ma pringles / ootd

we hid at uniqlo because we spotted a bunch of xmms  and dood wearing "edwinspiration" (lmao) fan tee waiting for him thus we decided to spy on them to see their silly reaction when he appears. but we gave up in the end because he was taking too long to appear. disclaimer: not that we are interested in him but we have too much time to waste before having our dinner. + we saw him gazzilion times around the neighbourhood. soooo any edwinners here? come come ask me where edwin stays! ha silly.
my glorious buy
my favourite dish at manhattan! prolly the only dish there that i can finish up on own

thank you for wasting 7 minutes of your time here. this is a very redundant posts because i am just trying to occupy myself while waiting for the clock to strike 5pm. work on mondays are usually very relaxing (ie: shake leg) which explain why i haven't suffer from monday blues for quite a while now. except just now where i dreaded waking up because this week is the start of school. back to school tomorrow urrrrrrrrrrrgh

/another half an hour left/ what should i do now?