Friday, October 25, 2013

50$ richer

today has got to be my lucky day because I found a 50$ note while walking back to my officer after lunch. planned to keep the note in my wallet for as long as possible but while q-ing for a meal at KFC, i realised i didn't have any cash with me so i had to let the 50$ go :(

but that's alright. because i am after all 50$ richer woo

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i regret you

someone in the past should just remain in the past because it makes me sick to the stomach when memories gushed through me.

but hey! i'm being real nice trying to communicate to you like old pals would but guess you spoilt it all by just being you. pretty much saddening how you wasted two years of your life in the hell hole improving nothing about yourself. 

I have nothing to say to you anymore except these two words: grow (the fuck) up! until then... you are nothing but an ugly memory i very much would like to burry and never dig out. EVER

because the thought of you made me hate myself so damn much 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

haps burf

back in high school i never thought i would be friends with this weird curly-hair girl. but right now she is one of the most important being i will never trade for anything in this world. she gave the most useful (and sometimes useless) advice and i have no idea what magic she has but she could read me like a freaking book. anyways, had a lovely saturday with her though my cold bug was still lingering around. sorry this year celebration weren't as epic as last year 

i look like a wreck the whole evening meh

even though my taste bud has gone haywire but i still could finish up 7/8 of the flaming awesome prawns!

about time caught me off guard. never thought it will be funny. definitely better than "time travller's wife!" and rachel mcadams? she's beautiful as always. 

since it was an impromptu movie date and i didn't bring along any jacket with me to cover myself, she quickly took off hers and passed it to me despite wearing tank top. haha if she was a dood, i would have fallen in love with her.

thank you for being my (sexy) nurse yesterday even though you were supposed to be off-duty and be a princess. xoxo