Friday, November 1, 2013


almost 3 years being an iphone users i have never really explore the ibooks app until recently i discovered the awesomeness of ibooks. i learnt how to download books w/o the help from my geeky boyfriend too. now, he can shut up about me being an IT noob pfft.

this is my collection of books to date;

a day before i discover the awesomeness of this app, i purchased two books at book depository but thank god i was in time to cancel the order and get a refund phew. 

and what is so amazing you ask? well.... this:

you get to highlight your favourite quotes, sentences etcetera 
all your favourites will appear under the "notes" page
if there's any word you are unsure of, just highlight it
and... voila

honestly speaking i prefer this so much compared to old skool books maybe because i have my phone with me 24/7 and i can read it everywhere and anytime i'm free. my shoulder can escape from carrying heavy bags too since i do not have to dump books in my bag anymore. so hurrray for ibooks!

hurry download your ibooks and be a 24/7 nerd with me 8) 


Anonymous said...

Hi, how do you download/purchase them? I'm having a hard time!

maya scodelario said...

Hi! I'm selling them for 2$ per ebooks. you can email me Thanks!