Tuesday, December 10, 2013


i am already halfway through doing my degree program and right now, i am having mixed feeling about it. part of me wishes i could quickly don on the graduation robe, throw my graduation cap and get a kick ass job that allows me to own a few chanel. another part of me wishes that i could just live the life i'm living right now (which is totally a w e s o m e) but here's a reality check: we all have to move on someday, one day. it's just a matter of time and when that happens no doubt i'm going to miss my uni friends especially the woman in the picture, my fav study buddy. funny how we were only classmates for one semester but the bond between us .... woah. there are many other uni pals out there which i'm so glad to have but hey let's save that later for graduation post ;) but for right now.... i'm preparing to kick strategic management's ass tomorrow! #mayawantstheD