Thursday, January 30, 2014

haps 23rd burf

my man turned 23 on the 27th. hits me how i have watched him grow up from a young boy in primary school (we weren't together then, duh!) up till now a young fine man. my god! we have been together for too long it's scaring me how in the end we either part ways or continue living blissfully in each other's arm. i pray for the latter because i can't imagine life without him. anyways.... his 23rd celebration was a pretty simple affair.

we had lunch at pizza hut and headed to the 2 degree ice exhibition. was trying to rush there in hopes to catch the falling "fake snow" at 4:30pm but couldn't make it on time. if you are planning to go to the exhibition, do take note of timing as there are three timings a day where you get to experience "snow". how possible is it to experience "snow" you ask? well.... (to my knowledge) they uses the snow machine where they will scoop the "snow" from the ground and the machine will blast them up high and taaadaa.. the "snow" will slowly fall down! the timings where this magic happens are: 11am, 4:30pm and 7pm. such a pity we missed the action but it's cool. 

the coldest i ever experience was when i was in korea four years ago during winter (-14 degree) so i was pretty much cool with the -15 degree at the exhibition (pun intended) but my dear man wasn't hahaha! he was full of complaints and had a hiccup-fest! i don't know if it was because of the cold or because he was ageing since he turned a year older that day but it was such a pretty hilarious sight.

we didn't really pay much attention to the sculptures because hfz was prolly distracted with the cold and i was damn distracted with his hiccups! i didn't notice that the above was a santa clause and reindeer until now haha! 

solo photos of me weren't professionally captured because my photographer were all yapping about how painful his fingers were pfft 

the highlights of the exhibition was this slide over here. the tiny ones were pretty meh because it wasn't smooth and i kept getting stuck on my way down. hfz went down smoothly though. i remembered taking a video of him but i have no idea where it went. my camera prolly went bonkers due to the cold. we wanted to take the big slide down together but after attempting to fit both butts on the tube hfz decided to give up and push me down instead. caught me off guard and i screamed like a chicken getting slaughtered. but it was fun, albeit the stares i got from people. 

we left the place for our ootd and forgot all about the ice bar (only remember about it after i got home :S) hope we didn't miss much.
top: zara 
jeans: H&M
boots: vans 
cap: stole from my sister
top: -i have no idea-
jeans: uniqlo (gift from le gf)
boots: timberland (gift from le gf)
jacket: zara 

i like how we coincidentally wore green, our mind and heart in sync hehe ;) we watched hercules after that and i don't like it. such boring show but as long as the birthday man is happy

it's the time of the year again where i feel greatful to God for creating such a bootiful soul. albeit the emotionless outlook lies a pretty fine and respectable man whom i'm proud to call my own. love you to the moon and back babe

Sunday, January 19, 2014

f for fabulous

The Fabulous Baker Boy 
The Foothills 
70 River Valley Road #01-15 (179037)
Opening Hours:
Tue to Thurs : 11am to 6 pm
Fri : 11 am to 11pm
Sat : 10 am to 11 pm
Sun : 10 am to 5pm

another café strike off my "cafés to visit" list. would rate the cafe a 4.5 despite the fact that their red velvet (was looking forward to pig on it!) weren't in stock. but their apple citrus, lovely ambience and service made up for it. as much as i'm a huge fan of chocolates, i don't fancy their chocolate cheesecake.

oh! and i absolutely love the ambience. definitely great for some alone me-time reading my favourite nicholas sparks while indulging in them cakes and sipping tea! or or you could have a study date there too and mug for your exam. definitely adding the fabulous baker boy as one of my mugging place!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

i love you(tube)

earlier today i was skyping with hfz and when we wanted to end the call..

hfz: you put down first
/thinking that he is trying to do what couples do each time they hogged on the phone, i played along/ me: aww you put down first lah

was expecting more of "you put down first" guess that is what happen when you are tgt for 7 years.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


the brand new year has been great thus far! met up with a bunch of poly cliques yesterday and i'm  happy things are the same as before. same old, same old us and our silly antics. haven't had those laugh-too-hard-till-my-stomach-hurts moment until yesterday. in case you are wondering what the "ITGleeks" title is was because when we were a team in year 3 and had to work on those pain-in-the-ass projects, we called ourselves the ITGleeks. named by yours truly /cough/ because i watched too much glee back then!

anyways we decided to do dinner at delicious. ordered carbonara spaghettini and it was so good, plus the serving was pretty big (to me) and i had to give some away to my err... rubbish dumpster (read: seraphina see) i do not have to worry about wasting my food whenever she's around ;)

we walked all around town in search for a place to chill but everywhere was crowded. settled for wisma atria's starbucks in the end. shared a cup of my favourite chocolate chip cream with missy see and yeah check out our "initials" haha got forced to tell the barista that pff but it's cool since she got me my first (not really a fan of) coach for a belated birthday/x'mas gift (still doubting the authenticity of items though haha)

definitely friends for keep <3
made with love by yours truly. haha the board has been rotting and collecting dusts for six months. finally able to give it to the rightful owner.

that basically sums up my third day of 2014. how's yours doing thus far?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

classy coco

classy coco

classy coco by skinnytoast featuring black flats

let's kick start a new year post with this lovely items which i have assembled together on polyvore in hopes that this brand new year will be as classy as coco chanel. and also if luck is on my side i will be able to own my first chanel.

my new year eve this year was definitely better than the last. it consists of watching an action-pack movie, having our favourite grilled prawns, walk at the park while snacking on hello panda and playing the swing. nothing happening for us but it was a lovely new year eve. so thankful i get to spend time the last hours of 2013 with my favourite person in the universe.