Saturday, January 4, 2014


the brand new year has been great thus far! met up with a bunch of poly cliques yesterday and i'm  happy things are the same as before. same old, same old us and our silly antics. haven't had those laugh-too-hard-till-my-stomach-hurts moment until yesterday. in case you are wondering what the "ITGleeks" title is was because when we were a team in year 3 and had to work on those pain-in-the-ass projects, we called ourselves the ITGleeks. named by yours truly /cough/ because i watched too much glee back then!

anyways we decided to do dinner at delicious. ordered carbonara spaghettini and it was so good, plus the serving was pretty big (to me) and i had to give some away to my err... rubbish dumpster (read: seraphina see) i do not have to worry about wasting my food whenever she's around ;)

we walked all around town in search for a place to chill but everywhere was crowded. settled for wisma atria's starbucks in the end. shared a cup of my favourite chocolate chip cream with missy see and yeah check out our "initials" haha got forced to tell the barista that pff but it's cool since she got me my first (not really a fan of) coach for a belated birthday/x'mas gift (still doubting the authenticity of items though haha)

definitely friends for keep <3
made with love by yours truly. haha the board has been rotting and collecting dusts for six months. finally able to give it to the rightful owner.

that basically sums up my third day of 2014. how's yours doing thus far?