Monday, February 17, 2014

let them know we still rock n roll

15 february has got to be one of the amazing night in 2014 because i got to meet avril along with my uni pals. day before f texted us about how she can't make it to the concert due to projects and she wanted to waste her 100+ bucks away but i managed to psycho her in the end anyways.

we were greeted with this the moment we entered the stadium woo
we bought the cat 4 tix and were seated at the top. surrounding us were pretty meh-ish peeps (ie: 40y/o parents with their kids)

kkkkk-kawaii. she kickstarted her concert with hello kitty <3 

she was pretty punctual coming on stage. (unlike jobros i had to wait for half an hour wtf!)
coming to her second song, we noticed how boring the crowds surrounding us were, we sneaked in to cat 1 (it was surprisingly empty) and WE DID IT LIKE A FREAKING NINJA! CAT 1 to CAT 4 BABY <3 this has got to be the highlight of the concert since it was the most expensive view. but funny how it was more expensive than the mosh pit. we even planned to sneak in to the moshpit area but.. thought we would get caught for sure

so near yet so far .... <3

 it lasted for 1.5 hours (how short!) avril was so cute on stage (considering she's 30y/o!) for someone that age she sure have loads of energy unlike me! i had to take a short break (ie: sit down and drink water) after jumping around for 2 mins haha.

i'm having post concert syndrome right now and it sucks. wished i could rewind time again :/ but at least there's another concert to look forward to in june. stoked!

ending the post with professional captured jpgs of avril courtesy of midas promotion. lezzz go;