Thursday, March 27, 2014


both hfz and i have been obsessing over cute puppies lately. well it all started at vivo's pet safari when i saw two golden retrievers in the cage playing with each other. that was probably the cutest thing ever. was telling hfz how i wished that no one would buy them and that they would stay there forever. we have even decided on the name should we owe a dog one day (which will never happen ugh) the other day i even made a trip to vivo after work to visit them but they were all napping. i absolutely adore how they look when they are sleeping.

should we own you one day, we gonn be naming you "syfy"

isn't this the cutest thing ever? sigh *_*

we visited them again on our anniversary but found out that someone already bought them. felt like a part of me went missing (haha drama but hey i really like them a lot. it's love at first sight okay.) dogs are men's best friend and i couldn't agree more. i mean... just look at the movie hachiko and bubz' domo who cried for her when she took the trash out for a few seconds. ugh.. i would kill to have such angels in my life. but y'knw that won't happen in this lifetime :(

can someone please tell me where i can find a golden retriever kinda zoo and watch them all day long?!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


“I love everything about her and I’m not a guy who says that lightly. I’m the guy who faked his love his entire life. I thought love was just something idiots felt. But this woman has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to. And there have been times that I wanted to. It has been overwhelming and humbling and even painful, at times, but I could never stop loving her than I could stop breathing. I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. More than she knows.”
i have been following the series since eons ago and it pains me to know that the season finale is next week :( throughout these nine seasons, i learnt legit life lessons from them;

1. if it's meant to be, it will be.
2. there will always be a reacher and a settler in every relationship
3. the longest pause in anyone’s life is right after they propose to someone
4. when you get sad, stop being sad and be just be awesome instead
5. when it comes to love, you’re not looking for someone who simply accepts your quirks. you want someone who loves them and cherishes them.
6. as you try to plan what your life will be like, the unexpected moments, twists and turns are really what end up making life so exciting.
7. there is no such thing as destiny. you make your own choices in life
8. you may fight, insult, and get into arguments with your friends and swear that you never want to see them again, but real friends will always have your back through the good and the bad.
9. when you become a couple, you’re not an individual “i” anymore. instead, you become a “we”, making decisions which are not only good for you, but for your partner as well.
10. just because something needs to be told, doesn't mean it needs to be heard. some things are better left unsaid, because well.. the most hurtful words come from the truth.
11. we all need The Talk. say all the things that needs to be said, listen to the things that needs to be heard. It’s one of the hardest things ever, but we all have to do it.
12. don’t look for love as you may never find it. when you stop searching, that’s when it finds you. if anything, that’s prolly the main lesson of the series because he found his kids' mom in an unexpected circumstances.

/edit/ no idea why majority hate the ending of hiym but i honestly like it. maybe because of this gut feeling which i had throughout the show that ted and robin are eventually going to end up together. besides that, here are another reason why i like the ending: xx

Sunday, March 23, 2014

wow, this hit me real hard

"you will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. that’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it." - how i met your mother

white, with a pinch of black and grey

white, with a pinch of black and grey

i think i did pretty well ensembling the above outfit. well for one, i did cut down on the color black. forsee myself hanging around starbucks quite fequently in the upcoming weeks since exams are around the corner.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

nuffnang: let's wrap it up!

i used to experience weekly woes like attending meetings in my previous job. these meetings could last for hours, making my bum hurts so much. (i kid you not!) you have no idea how many times i wished i could just storm out of the room and retire at my cubicle or wished that my knight in shining armor could dashed in the room and take me away. (haha what?! they say imagination is free so why not right? a little fairytale won't hurt!) but seriously, we all dread long-winded meetings and wished we could wrap the meeting up in the shortest time possible! but since i left the government sector and joined a private org. i no longer have to fight this woes anymore. well, at least for now. 


no, definitely not finishing catching up with pretty little liars because i'm a scaredy cat and i will only watch it when the sun is up! and if you guess the 7500 word report which I have been tweet complaining, you are close enough but no not it as i finished it one week before the deadline #likeaboss. okay shall spare you the anti climax! it's actually wrapping up my degree courses and donning on the graduation robe and throwing my mortar board up up high in the sky!

it has been close to two years being an undergrad and i can't wait to break free from assignments, essays, reports, exams and whathaveyous. no doubt it is not an easy feat being a part time student and working at the same time. it's so exhausting, both mentally and physically. but i know at the end of it all everything is going to be worth it. god willing, i will be graduating end of this year, wrapping up school forever (!!) and earning more buckaroos to feed my craving for gorgeous bags (read: chanel). hopefully those buckaroos are big enough few years down the road to provide for my parents, enabling them to wrap up their career and enjoy life to the fullest ;)

and there you have it! the one thing i'm eager to wrap up at this very moment. talking about wrapping things up, let me wrap up this post with (what else but)..

Unwrap good times with KFC Bandito Pockett! 

 KFC Bandito Pockett packed with so many tasty ingredients, 100%s chicken fillet marinated in signature hot & crispy flavor, served on a bed of fresh lettuce, with salsa and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a tortilla and toasted for that extra crunch. It is every KFC fan’s favourite wrap! Try it now to enjoy a good time!

haven't tasted this for ages but when i did earlier this week it is still so yums! if you have not try this yet, hop down to the nearest kfc outlet and get your wrap up snacks now :D

Saturday, March 15, 2014

salon reUs

do you know that feeling where you feel so contented with your hair each time you get a superb hair wash and haircut at a salon?! yes, that is totally how i felt when i left salon reUs. not only do i feel satisfied, i did gain a few tips and tricks about taking good care of my hair. went there twice for their cocktail treatment and i like it. the first time i went was in december last week.

the cocktail shots ;)

haha my hairstylist, zoe were laughing at how weird my white hair was. the roots were white but the bottom was black. and she told me that this is the first time that she ever came across such situation. well girl, there's a first time for every thing haha! (or... am i really from other planet?!)

taaaa-daaa! the end result. 

visited salon reUS for the second time earlier this week because i figured it's time my hair gets some TLC. fun fact: i have been doing rebonding treatment since i was sixteen. and i am so so freaking sick of it and decide to embrace my au natural hair now. thus, the frequent hair treatment! ;)
on the second visit here, zoe wasn't around so alvin took care of my hair. and boy boy do i love the end result. didn't know a blow dryer could prettify the hair that well! 
so nice right?! but too bad it didn't last long haha
it's about time i stop being lazy and blow dry my hair in a proper manner

good hair calls for some OOTD shots, duh! credits to my awesome uni pal, sharon!

after each visit to the salon, we raved about how good and thoughtful their service was and how meticulous their staffs were. oh and also unlike other salon they don't force/psycho you to buy their hair products or packages. so thumbs up for that!

in case you are keen to prettify your hair and learn a tip or two about taking care of them, they are located at: 
Salon Reus
51 Cuppage Road #01-11 

and.... you are welcome ;)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

butter cookies / nene chicks

kickstarting the new month visiting butter studio. each time i go cafe hopping i always wonder why all (mostly) these cafes have to be located at an inconvenient place. for someone who sucks at reading map (but i scored an A+ for my geog o level!) i had a pretty hard time locating butter studio.

"the fondest memories are made when gathered around the table"

the place was lovely with pretty kewl decos and stuff. we ordered hot chocolate, nutella-banana-pancake and red velvet with caramel cream cake. don't really fancy the red velvet but i like the caramel cream ;) the pancake was one the softest pancake i ever ate. i'm a huge fan of nutella but the one they served were a lil tad too much for me whatsmore with hot chocolate along the way. you definitely have to share the portion with someone unless of course you love overloading your tummy with chocolates.

did not have any room for their cupcakes but will definitely visit them again for these cutesy

butter studio
Changi Airport, T3, #B2-13 (Daily 10am-11pm) 
147 Jalan Besar (Sun-Thurs 12-10pm/ Fri, Sat 12-12mn/ Tues closed)

in another gluttony news, i tried the nene chicken for the first time and i like it. in case you don't know nene chicken originated from korea (when i whatsapp hafiz a photo of my meal, he thought it was the filipino's -.-)

my take on it? the buffolo sticks were the bomb! it was so tasty i am salivating just thinking of it now. the orginial chicks were pretty mehish, i prefer KFC's but the spicy ones were pretty good albeit the sticky feelings i got on my fingers. guess that's the reason why they provide gloves but it is such a hassle to be eating with gloves (well to me at least) 

my eyes lited up when i saw this! my favourite machine in the whole wide world. looks like 19th february tradition is not dead after all? but i don't know i just feel that i'm too old for this :S and speaking of 19th february, it's about time i sort out the photos and post them up here!

haha major act cute shitz going on sorry! in case you are interested, the machines are located at scape! ;)

and then, we found a good place for ootd shots ;)

the girl behind (almost) all my ootd shots. <3

p/s: hate asking hfz to take ootd shots of me. he used to be okay with it but recently he would always give me his arrrgh face each time i told him to hold the camera at a right angle and stuffs (okay i admit i'm too demanding la k)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i still cannot believe i'm a tad too late to get the red tour concert tickets. what made it all worse is that edsheeran is the special guest (just like how i wished it would be) damn those mafakas who q-ed for them tix and sold them at a higher price.

ugh, just let me wallow in misery now.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

chanel boy

so i gave in to temptation and jump on the bandwagon and get this baby at a steal. well, it's the closest i can get to owning a chanel (for now) so why not right? :)

was contemplating between maroon and black and had to bug my colleagues and a few people on whatsapp to take their pick. maroon won the vote of many but after purchasing it, i am having second thoughts to get the black instead. urgh, woes of a fickle minded girl! 

in another news, hfz and i had the time of our lives celebrating our anniversary.  it was the best and memorable celebration in our list ;)