Saturday, March 15, 2014

salon reUs

do you know that feeling where you feel so contented with your hair each time you get a superb hair wash and haircut at a salon?! yes, that is totally how i felt when i left salon reUs. not only do i feel satisfied, i did gain a few tips and tricks about taking good care of my hair. went there twice for their cocktail treatment and i like it. the first time i went was in december last week.

the cocktail shots ;)

haha my hairstylist, zoe were laughing at how weird my white hair was. the roots were white but the bottom was black. and she told me that this is the first time that she ever came across such situation. well girl, there's a first time for every thing haha! (or... am i really from other planet?!)

taaaa-daaa! the end result. 

visited salon reUS for the second time earlier this week because i figured it's time my hair gets some TLC. fun fact: i have been doing rebonding treatment since i was sixteen. and i am so so freaking sick of it and decide to embrace my au natural hair now. thus, the frequent hair treatment! ;)
on the second visit here, zoe wasn't around so alvin took care of my hair. and boy boy do i love the end result. didn't know a blow dryer could prettify the hair that well! 
so nice right?! but too bad it didn't last long haha
it's about time i stop being lazy and blow dry my hair in a proper manner

good hair calls for some OOTD shots, duh! credits to my awesome uni pal, sharon!

after each visit to the salon, we raved about how good and thoughtful their service was and how meticulous their staffs were. oh and also unlike other salon they don't force/psycho you to buy their hair products or packages. so thumbs up for that!

in case you are keen to prettify your hair and learn a tip or two about taking care of them, they are located at: 
Salon Reus
51 Cuppage Road #01-11 

and.... you are welcome ;)