Sunday, April 13, 2014

hey babe, let's drive round town

hey babe, let's drive round town

nothing beats going in the car and being greeted with "you look nice today" by the love of your life. yesterday was a laid-back date thus the outfit above. we visited a ranch and was expecting the horses to be out and about but they were locked in the stable instead. not quite sure if it was time for them to return "home" since we went in the evening or because of the heavy downpour happening earlier.. anyhoos i hope to pay them a visit again next time! ride on top of them? (;

afterwards, we strolled around punggol beach for a while and drove to serangoon to have errr.. dessert. not dinner because both of us weren't feeling it. planned to get wimbly lu but decided to give it a miss (after walking for quite a distance) when we saw the crowds. we settled for our new-found favourite at mad jack instead. was teaching hafiz how to snap an instagram-worthy photo because his instagram photos are shittttta! and it has been bothering me a lot hah! but obviously, he doesn't give a hoot to what i was saying :(

we ended the night listening to our horrendous singing voice (ie: karaoke sesh) in the car on the way home. it's funny how i was crazy mad at him the night before wanting to push him off the clift or strangle his neck but when yesterdate happen, i can't wait to spend my lifetime with him. fuck what in the world did this guy poison me with? 

"that's what people do who love you. they put their arms around you and love you when you're not so lovable."


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biasa je haha. i irresistable

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