Wednesday, April 23, 2014

road tripping

spent the long weekend with my high school girls cafe hopping (sort of) across the border. such a pity that only 4/7 of us could make it. it is so damn hard to get all of us to gather but oh wells... here's our first road trip/overseas together. more to come (i hope!)

we kickstarted the day by filling our tummy with chicken rice.

remembered how 10 years back we would sit at our regular table (yes, we have our own table at the canteen) to have our lunch together while errr... staring at our eyecandies hehe omfgawd the good ol days oh how i missed it. wait.... 10 years have already passed?! damn, we old!

headed to container cafe to see what's the fuss about and boy boy was it worth it to be under the hot sun because their drinks are SO GOOD! trust me when i say this since i am not a fan of bubble tea/koi/gong cha. yes, i'm weird like that! but hey their vanilla ice-cream are way better than koi i tell you. no kid!

decided to explore the streets located nearby and found pretty cool shops to snap photos. a pity some of the cafes nearby wouldn't open till late.

the bev c store is prolly the highlight of the trip! we spent quite some time outside the store just to "act-act talk and laugh" at each other while the photographer snap the candid moments. haha my kind of fun ;)

if you are wondering if anyone from the store chased us away... no, the store was closed! told you they won't open it till late. the inside of the store reminds me so much of one of the shops along haji lane.

yup, kinda random to have art gallery located in the middle of the street. our dearest artist observing the painting like a pro ;)

 and then i found a perfect spot for OOTD

we then cabbed down to another streets but a pity the cafes there weren't to our liking :(

roamed around their mall afterwards and headed home. whaaaaat a splendid day. would be even more awesome if one of us were to drive though. spare me from walking under the sun (ha i sound like a spoilt brat now but hey..... i survived) after all, spending time with the girls is what matters most! <3