Saturday, June 14, 2014

oh my, what a marvellous tune

thought i was going to miss watching swift again this time round but.... !!! was so happy when i received an email from sportshub regarding the release of another batch of red tour tickets.

went with a uni pal of mine and we managed to 'sneak in' again. haha this time we skipped the checking of bags #likeaboss since we smuggled in outside food

fangli: *HIGH5* hahaha omg! i love going concerts with you. 

we waited for an hour before we could see swift but it was all worth it... she was so gorgeous i melted each time she smiles. no idea i would be so swooned by taylor ugh she's such an angel <3

although she did not sing teardrops on my guitar (my all time fav!) on her second night and although ed wasn't with her, everything on stage was perfect. the only thing we regretted was not purchasing the free standing tickets. i wanted to be near her so badly :( anyways, the highlight of the concert was probably this because i started to get all teary. i died when she sang all too well and long live. so much feels (!!!)

i've been spamming her songs and watching videos of her the past few days. gah! i hate this (the worst) post-concert syndrome feeling :(  i think... this is the best concert i have ever been to!

photo credits: x