Wednesday, July 23, 2014

hati angin

hfz: if the interviewer asks me what is my goals in life, i sure know how to answer her!

me: /thinks to myself how my man is so confident./

hfz: what i know is firstly i want to marry you.....

me: /acts cool/

hfz: see now your hati... angin right?

me: /laughs/ sejuk you mean. go read a malay dictionary

Sunday, July 13, 2014

the day i thought i would lose him

i get all fuzzy each time my avid reader told me that he would visit my blog every morning. it felt even better to know that my page has been favourite in his desktop for years now. gee the feeling of being in love with him is so surreal. i wouldn't exchange what we had with anything in the world. not even baby chanel. 

but there comes a time when we are too complacent and comfortable with each other that we tend to neglect each others' feelings. last year, i read a book by gary chapman's called the five love languages and i love it alot. shared with hfz the content of the book and we learnt something new about each other. well not exactly new but something that was there all along just never to our realisation. chapman highlighted on the importance of keeping our partner's love tank full through love languages. each individual are created differently and hence, they speak different love languages. there are five languages that were discussed in the book; words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch

there was a questionnaire at the end of the book and we both took it. as expected, hfz's primary love language is physical touch. haha hfz loves to take my hand and force-put it on his waist/the back of his neck/his arms each time we are out. or he would complain how we never hold hands like we used to. so it's not that difficult to guess what his primary language is. me, on the other hand had words of affirmation as my primary language. not a surprise either since i would flipped (not everytime) each time hfz says something that gets on my nerves. so what happens when you don't communicate your partner's primary love language to them? your love tank is empty and war happens. 

months ago we had a huge quarrel and when i say huge, i meant HUGE! so huge i thought i'd lose hfz. i was so helpless only god knows. i felt horrible. i was prepared for the worst. but i was a lucky bitch to have scored such a patient man. i can never thank him enough for sticking with me through the ups and terrible downs and i hope he knows how grateful i am to have him in my life.

and maybe, just maybe if god willing, i will use the rest of my life to prove it to hfz how thankful i am to have scored myself such a keeper.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

i was staring at my essay questions when it occurred to me that i will be done with school in a few months time but i am still unsure of what the future has in store for me.. or rather what i want to do in life. hearing stories about crazy office politics from my friends ain't helping at all. well, not like i am new to the office environment or anything but so far.... i have been blessed with pretty nice colleagues. nobody too nasty. i know i will definitely dread going back to the nine-to-five work routine, dealing with morning crowds and experiencing monday blues all over

lately, for the past few days i have been thinking a lot of that one career which i used to shun each time people around told me to go ahead for. i never put too much thought about it until recently. i wouldn't want to live in that "monotonous nine-to-five" phase for the rest of my life. but it is so hard to get out of the comfort zone; something i am familiar with.

i guess there is still time for me to decide if i should take this leap of faith.