Sunday, August 24, 2014


now that i'm (almost) done with school, i'm getting a lot of "so when are you getting married?" "you should start planning for your wedding already" etc. and it irks me so bad. it's my life and i do what i want to do. you don't tell me what i need to do geez chill and do something about your life instead. as much as i love my boyfriend and would love to spend every seconds with him, i'm pretty sure it won't be happening sometime soon. if i could have it my way, i would die for us to leave this damn country, migrate to some place where money doesn't matter that much and own a few cute dogs. but who am i kidding?!

a friend once asks me how i would like to be propose in future. i told her "i would be blindfolded and brought into a nicely decorated dream home of mine where my future husband has painstakingly buy/design/renovated for me and that would be where he would pop the question and tell me that this is where i will be staying for the rest of my life" again..... who am i kidding? no way in hell is this happening, ever.

pretty sure i sound like a materialistic bitch right now but i wouldn't want to be in debts or use my/my future husband's parents' money for our own wedding. (not) sorry to disappoint but i'm pretty sure marriage won't be happening sometime soon  for me until i feel a sense of stability and security (financially).

so.. to the next person who tells me that i should get married soon, i hope you step on dog poo or lego pieces.