Saturday, September 20, 2014

$AUD 166

not sure if i'm making a wise move here by spending AUD 166$ on a full set of regalia which i will only be wearing for an hour. my heart is currently bleeding now thinking of other items i could get with that money. gawd i hope i won't regret this.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


monday morning saw me feeling fainty in the crowded train on the way to work, scaring my parents and hfz altogether. geez i'm such a paper. paper me managed to score two days off work though

Sunday, September 14, 2014

picnic date

sundays are prolly my favourite day of the week because i get to lie down in bed for the whole day. eating in bed. watching tv series in bed. reading in bed. blogging in bed. long story short; my bed is my lover on sundays <3

we had jolly good time at the beach eating sushi and pizzas yesterday. the sea view weren't as fantastic but hfz's face and "big man" moustache made up for the view at the park. we listened to my collection of  music playlist, stare at each other's face, took silly photos and even video! i thank god for the man above for entertaining to my silly request such as holding my hand and running around the beach just so i could get nice shots for my short video clip.

i am truly satisfied with the outcome. ig sucks for limiting the video limit to 15secs thus the upload on youtube. now now, what else should i ask force hfz to do next?

Monday, September 8, 2014

trick me museum

was complaining to hfz how our dates consist of mainly going to the movies, having lunch/dinner and  how we are always hanging around nex, tampines mall and vivo city lately. (this is also one of the reason why i haven't been blogging much.) thus, i suggested going to the trick-eye museum but it was a disappointing trip and waste of moolas.

prolly two tips you might want to consider before making a trip down to the musuem:

1. do not buy the 28$ tickets at rws. you can get them for about 50% off on carousell
2. please do not wear a skirt. wore one (ultimate wrong move) and i felt so restricted and insecure posing for photos
3. avoid the weekends/public holidays. go during the weekdays

okay, that's three pointers altogether. anyways.... jpegs below. photos that turned out good mostly consists of hfz in it. not sure if i suck at posing in front of crowds or hfz simply suck at taking photos of me. you judge.

okay... prolly couldn't blame hfz entirely for his lousy photography skills. ugh me and my social anxiety

anyhoos we will be going on a picnic and kite date this coming weekend. pretty stoked for it since the last time we went on a picnic date was in 2011. we have yet to decide on the location. just hope we don't end up in punggol park or something.