Saturday, October 25, 2014

satay by the bay

perks of having gap year? i get to meet my friends for catch-up sesh. met up with nabilah for satay by the bay since we have never been there before. the food was good (not sure if it's genuinely good or i am just starving) and the place was fun-filled with caucasian families for some reason. one adorable boy saw our food and he made a slow-mo walk towards our table with his eyes wide open staring at them goodies getting ready to devour them. he reminded me of baby chucky it was quite scary. 

the only lowlight of the place was the stools. it was so pathetically small it made my butt so un-comfy

if you don't already know.... i have a love-hate relationship with my height. i know most of my friends would love to be as tall but it made me so insecure, i felt like a freaking giant next to them sometimes. humble brag? nay

hfz and i have "busy" matchmaking our good friends together and i'm glad it has been working well thus far. hoping to hear some good news very soon. gee i should have done this earlier. if this turns out great, i might consider becoming a match-maker as a career. bet it would be fun. the first few clients would definitely be my friends because i just cannot wait to be a bridesmaid. (note how i say bridesmaid and not a bride! haha)  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

we both weirdos!

for brunch today, i ventured to the east with zamira for the newly opened muslim-owned cafe

we picked the benedict, ala dol and shoestring fries along with home made ice tea. portion was pretty big and we had trouble finishing them up. 

we weren't really feeling their egg benedict. too eggy for my liking. the salmon, on the other hand won zamira's heart but not mine. it was... urgh!

i'm digging their coconut ice-cream and attap chee (my fav!) but apart from that the crepes were too hard for me. nonetheless thumbs up for creativity and fancy name, ala dol!

their shoestring fries won me over. it was delish! if i were to make a second trip back i would definitely order them again. maybe i would even sneak in mac's seaweed sauce pack in and eat them altogether. (gawww i'm obssessed with mac's seaweed fries i had them almost every week)
sarah's the pancake cafe
east village #01-62
mon - thu: 09:00 - 22:00
fri - sat: 09:00 - 23:30
sun: 09:00 - 22:00

after stuffing ourselves silly while talking about how we promised to get pregnant at the same time (meaning: we have to make them babies at the same time too i know don't worry we got it all planned out during the two hour brunch sesh /winks/), we explored the dead mall at east village to find the perfect spot to take photos. because that's what girls do right? 

my kind of fun! 
how to know if i really treasure/appreciate your friendship with me?

1. i make you stand/sit awkwardly with me in the public to do them fake-laughs just to snap good picture.
 (refer to above) (reference two)

2. i make you run like a fool at the beach to capture the perfect video shots (reference)

brunch date ended with both of us wondering how we are still good friends even when we have nothing in common. we then conclude that it was because we are both weird. couldn't agree more. i mean... come on who promise their friends to make babies at the same time as they do? only us, i bet! ;) 

Monday, October 13, 2014

huh! what is school?

it's only right to start off the graduation post by thanking my parents because well this post would be impossible without the support they rendered. i am fortunate and blessed enough to have the opportunity to study w/o worrying about money matters. every single time a schoolmate complains about how expensive our tuition fees are or how much they have to sacrifice just to save that thousand dollars, i felt so so grateful i want to run to my parents and give them a bear hug.  there were days when i would be so stressed out over my assignments/examinations and my dad would randomly popped into my room and ask me if he could help with anything (which was prolly his way of keeping me sane) and then, there's mom who is forever worried about me not eating well due to the juggling between work and school. during fasting month when i have class, she would specially packed food for me and asked me to bring desserts to class as well because she thinks breaking fast in class is like having a mini party. haha what would i do without them.

of course there is the sweetheart boyfriend. occasionally sending/picking me up from school. there was one time where i broke down in the car right after a project meeting because i was très overwhelmed with work events and school assignments. hfz reminded me to think of god. so unlike him but wow. + 50 points mister. that is husband material right there ;) also, he deserves another 50 points for all the times i neglected him due to mugging for examinations and yet he still sticks around. gee i've indeed found myself a keeper. great job maya!

mm i can thank myself as well right? for being such a warrior (yes!) to juggle between work and school. who would have thought i would come this far! i mean... i was never serious about my studies back in high school/polytechnic and was grateful when i managed to (borderline) pass my subjects. but hey hey guess who managed to score them distinctions now?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

seperation anxiety

30 September 2014 marks my last day at f.a. having to work there for 18-months has been an enjoyable journey. no doubt, it was definitely very hard to bid goodbyes to my bosses and colleagues that are ever so supportive and sweet but that's pretty much what everyone has to go through in life i guess. occasionally, i raved about how supportive and sweet my bosses are on twitter and they are no doubt very nice beings. i am so blessed to have cross paths with them.

i am having some kind of separation anxiety right now. still adjusting my body to quit waking up at 7am. first two days of being jobless have been pretty productive. i started doing my workouts back (but had sinful meals after that so i'm not too sure where this is going) it's nice having so much me-time before kick-starting on a full time job. geez the mention of full time job makes me want to snoozzzzzze but hey... i've got days/weeks/months to worry about that. so let the rants begin later...


in other news, lee min ho came to singapore again few days back and being the fan that i am i waited for three freaking hours at causeway point. it was worth it though. well, at least i get to see him for 45 minutes this time round.

check out how close i was to the stage! 



wow... wait what! is he waving at me?!






honestly not a fan of korean doods but he is prolly the only one worth fangirling for, bloated face or not. for more lmh feasting;

/swoon away guys.... swoon away/