Monday, October 13, 2014

huh! what is school?

it's only right to start off the graduation post by thanking my parents because well this post would be impossible without the support they rendered. i am fortunate and blessed enough to have the opportunity to study w/o worrying about money matters. every single time a schoolmate complains about how expensive our tuition fees are or how much they have to sacrifice just to save that thousand dollars, i felt so so grateful i want to run to my parents and give them a bear hug.  there were days when i would be so stressed out over my assignments/examinations and my dad would randomly popped into my room and ask me if he could help with anything (which was prolly his way of keeping me sane) and then, there's mom who is forever worried about me not eating well due to the juggling between work and school. during fasting month when i have class, she would specially packed food for me and asked me to bring desserts to class as well because she thinks breaking fast in class is like having a mini party. haha what would i do without them.

of course there is the sweetheart boyfriend. occasionally sending/picking me up from school. there was one time where i broke down in the car right after a project meeting because i was très overwhelmed with work events and school assignments. hfz reminded me to think of god. so unlike him but wow. + 50 points mister. that is husband material right there ;) also, he deserves another 50 points for all the times i neglected him due to mugging for examinations and yet he still sticks around. gee i've indeed found myself a keeper. great job maya!

mm i can thank myself as well right? for being such a warrior (yes!) to juggle between work and school. who would have thought i would come this far! i mean... i was never serious about my studies back in high school/polytechnic and was grateful when i managed to (borderline) pass my subjects. but hey hey guess who managed to score them distinctions now?

embrace yourself for tons of photos of me in the regalia because i want to make my AUD $166 worth urgh

(a day before graduation)

(graduation day)

i was so freaking nervous i couldn't sleep the night before. but everything went well that day so i got worried for nothing. sigh, life of a worry wart.. no clue how i'm going to handle myself before my wedding day in the future. prolly losing sleep for a whole month ugh

hehe family photo <3

that prolly sums up my education life. no... no studying for me already even though i know i'm going to miss the student life very much. but the thought of assignments/essays/projects/examinations just kill me. 

so that's about it folks! ;) legit adult responsibilities waiting for me right down the path!