Wednesday, October 15, 2014

we both weirdos!

for brunch today, i ventured to the east with zamira for the newly opened muslim-owned cafe

we picked the benedict, ala dol and shoestring fries along with home made ice tea. portion was pretty big and we had trouble finishing them up. 

we weren't really feeling their egg benedict. too eggy for my liking. the salmon, on the other hand won zamira's heart but not mine. it was... urgh!

i'm digging their coconut ice-cream and attap chee (my fav!) but apart from that the crepes were too hard for me. nonetheless thumbs up for creativity and fancy name, ala dol!

their shoestring fries won me over. it was delish! if i were to make a second trip back i would definitely order them again. maybe i would even sneak in mac's seaweed sauce pack in and eat them altogether. (gawww i'm obssessed with mac's seaweed fries i had them almost every week)
sarah's the pancake cafe
east village #01-62
mon - thu: 09:00 - 22:00
fri - sat: 09:00 - 23:30
sun: 09:00 - 22:00

after stuffing ourselves silly while talking about how we promised to get pregnant at the same time (meaning: we have to make them babies at the same time too i know don't worry we got it all planned out during the two hour brunch sesh /winks/), we explored the dead mall at east village to find the perfect spot to take photos. because that's what girls do right? 

my kind of fun! 
how to know if i really treasure/appreciate your friendship with me?

1. i make you stand/sit awkwardly with me in the public to do them fake-laughs just to snap good picture.
 (refer to above) (reference two)

2. i make you run like a fool at the beach to capture the perfect video shots (reference)

brunch date ended with both of us wondering how we are still good friends even when we have nothing in common. we then conclude that it was because we are both weird. couldn't agree more. i mean... come on who promise their friends to make babies at the same time as they do? only us, i bet! ;)