Saturday, November 29, 2014

photos love messages

as i'm drafting this post in the comfort of coffee-bean at my favourite place in singapore (read: changi airport), hfz is soundly sleeping in his hotel room at philadelphia. when he told me that he will be having the hotel room all to himself and that it will be so lonely sleeping alone, i decided to diy-ed him a gift to keep him "company" every night

so is your significant other going to a far away country for three weeks like mine do? no idea what gift to get him/her? fret not because i'm here to help you haha.

here's all you need:
1. box from daiso
2. cotton balls from watson
3. heart-shape stamper from popular
4. photos from years of memories

we have tons of photos together from when we were sixteen that i have difficulty in choosing out some for printing. printed 17 of my favourite photos out because that is the number of days hfz will be gone

so how is this gift suppose to accompany your significant other lonely nights you ask? well.. i wrote short messages for hfz to read each day for every night before he goes to sleep. act as a reminder for him that even though he is miles away from home, he is always loved /cheesy alert!/ 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

tiramisu hero

sorry to start the post with what seems like a narcissistic selfies of me but i just want to highlight how proud i am of myself for restraining my itch to go to the salon and get my hair straighten. definitely love the feeling of embracing my natural hair even though i am so freaking annoyed at how frizzy it can get each time after hair wash. apart from that, no complains. just can't wait for it to grow longer.

anyways. got to hang out with my fav uni girl and we had fun walking in circles trying to find the tiramisu hero. gawd google map - (insert no.) when we both visited a cafe and got lost | us - 0. we are useless at reading maps  but that won't stop us from hunting them cafes down

we were both feeling waffles and it was as good as gelare's which is my all-time-fav ice-cream with waffles. it was nice catching up with each other's life. she made me miss attending night classes so bad sigh :( 

we spent close to two hours catching up, taking photos and videos (haha check out my hair flips!) it was pretty dark by the time we left the café.

no points for getting the right answer tho! or maybe you can score yourself free ice tea by trh!

the tiramisu hero
121 tyrwhitt rd, singapore 207548
11am to 10pm daily

eating, catching up and photo/video taking doesn't stop there because we headed to have some good hongkong food at streats right after that. we are just so freaking weird to have them real food right after dessert but hey that's just how we roll ;) we took videos of us eating because we want to see how we look like noming. but don't worry i shall spare you from watching unless of course you want to watch me eating? haha

i love how weird my friends are. what? weirdos are fun people okay.

Friday, November 7, 2014


the week has been painfully emotional and heartbreaking having to witness the pain she is going through. throughout 23 years of my life, she has always been my physically healthy granny. she was spared with all those nasty heart conditions and what-have-yous but was diagnosed with dementia two/three years ago. even so i could greet her and have actual conversation with her. i would always look forward to days where she slept at my place. even if it means having her scaring us all by her imagination that someone is watching us from the bedroom or having sleepless night by her constant bugging of "i want to go home / i want to see your uncle / i want to go to the wash room" i definitely wouldn't mind all those vulgarities coming out from her mouth whenever we watches the telly together. it is pretty funny and entertaining at times.

it pains me how we couldn't hear all those now. it pains me to see lying on the hospital bed for the very first time. our helper told me that when she was well she used to eat a lot in the day and night. but all that she is getting now is cans of ensure milk through the feeding tube. it's no wonder i hear her stomach growl so loud even after those feeding sesh.   

it must be a blessing in disguise to have my gap year now. i get to take care of her and spend more time with her, (at least) making it up to her for those days where i haven't been visiting her and for those first few years of my life where she took great care of me. this is definitely nothing compared to all her sacrifices which is why she is never forgotten in my prayers. as each day passes, i am a step closer to losing her but... i know i will never ever be ready to lose her. 

i love you, nenek.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


figured that i haven't surprise hfz for the longest time so yesterday i decided to appear at his workplace. told him to meet a seller at his workplace's mrt station for me. the moment he saw me standing there instead he was grinning and smiling for ear to ear just like a little boy. sometimes the littlest things in life mean so much more :)

gee i love this man so much only god knows <4