Tuesday, December 2, 2014

how to survive 2 weeks of long-distance-relationship

things you do when your significant other is away:

1. go over to your grams because you get to:-

a. stuff yourself silly with lots of (junk) food as you have amazing aunts who brought over good food 

b. binge watching love you mr. arrogant and other malay dramas and only malay because you just have to accommodate and not be selfish to your indonesian helper 

(on a side note, it improves my malay and dang i am actually hooked to the episodes of mr. arrogant)

2. take naps. lots of naps

3. stare into space wondering what your significant other is doing at the other side of the world

4. doing calculations in your mind and figuring out what time/day he is living in

5. waiting for his text messages/calls

things you should do when your significant other is away:

1. visit hdb.gov and read up on BTOs to prep yourself up for your 2015 plans

2. squats

3. tummy workout

4. more squats

5. even more squats