Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 recap

2015 has been a pretty eventful year for both myself and hfz, especially in the month of december.

pretty sure 2016 is going to be a bustling and hustling year w/ all the upcoming future plannings. excited, nervous, stoked; all mesh up together!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


26.12.2015, 11:30pm: first, <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

our times

since tfios, i haven't had a good cry in the movie theater.. until yesterday. i caught "our times" trailer by accident in a cinema and knew i had to catch it because anything high-school, love, taiwan related shit, i'm down! didn't have to do much persuading to get hfz to watch with it me since the internet was raving about how good the show was. 

i knew the show has some sad scenes but what i didn't know was that i couldn't control my emotions and found myself tearing crying non-stop towards the ending for fifteen minutes. good job, (insert the name of producer/director)! "our times" just became one of my favorite movie in 2015.

hfz was a sweet boyfriend trying to comfort me by offering hugs and telling me "its okay babe they got together in the end" and "see! you got to be together with your first love and you still don't treasure me!" :/ OK! watching movies like these serve a reminder for me to treasure whatever i have. it actually makes me appreciate having hfz more now. 

i am currently obsessed with the theme song (ie: replayed it for at least 10 times today) i even googled the hanyu-pinyin and its english translation.

movie ratings: you know the movie is good when i took the time to blog about it after disappearing for 3 months. so hey future maya and hfz, this is one movie worth re-watching together when you feel like killing each other.

Friday, August 14, 2015


hfz initially got me backstreet boys tixs for my birthday but i decided to gave them up for kodaline instead and.... it was the best decision i've made because the whole kodaline experience was beyond amazing. it was a night of pure bliss.

despite arriving late, we were able to enter the playscape w/o queuing for eternity (woo me! always got lucky when attending concerts) the only lowlight was the venue and the heat. i was sweating from head to toe but it was all worth it since the lads put up such a beautiful show. steve's voice was a gem even hfz agrees! so glad hfz came along with me despite him knowing only all i want; the song which i always "serenade" (includes dramatic face touching and stuffs) for him. the highlight of the concert was the one . god.... them FEELS WERE REAL when the crowds took out their phone and hfz hugged me and we swayed together. I ALMOST CRIED. my heart fluttered when the crowd shouted encore and we sang all i want.


haha such chessy and lame photo but hey.... first concert together okay
really enjoyed myself singing to the songs and grooving along to the music. just the kind of escapism i needed from the overwhelming stress at work. we were all in a perfect world last night

okay brb...... /curling myself up in bed, binge listening to kodaline/

Monday, August 10, 2015

+ one level up

work is taking a toll for both myself and hfz. we hardly have time for each other and it had been two months since we went on a real date. thank god for the jubilee weekend, we managed to finally spend a whole day with each other doing couple stuffs; coincidentally dressed in matching colors, share a meal, got lost, caught a movie, took pictures, listened to disney songs, karaoke in the car, laughed at each other's silly dance moves and shared lame jokes and riddles.

our relationship has taken one step further when my parents and hfz's met for the first time. considering what a worrywart i am, it was quite a nerve-wrecking experience for me as i fear how awkward the situation will get but obviously i was worried for nothing (thank goodness). hfz's fam came over for a raya visiting and i told a couple of my friends on the day hoping they would calm me down and this is one of the best advise i received. no points for guessing who i would pick to be my bridesmaid in future ;) anyhoos, i was so relieved everything went well and i took my fam over to hfz's for a visit the week after. i know we should have done this way earlier but hey you know what they say..... slow and steady win the race!

my parents (my dad especially) has been annoying me with all those "your mom-in-law...." etcetera phrases but i secretly likes the sound of it. 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

ever since i got offered to be a full-time staff, i am feeling so stressed out. sometimes i wonder if i made the right decision. 

dang it! i hope it gets better soon :(

Sunday, May 31, 2015

surprise picnic

hfz asked me what i wanted to do for my birthday and i told him i want a fancy picnic (think nice and colorful decorations with party streamers/ pretty picnic mats/cute picnic baskets and utensils and yeah.. you get the gist!) i was honestly not expecting much because creativity and hfz don’t go well together but he surprised me by putting in SO much effort prepping for the picnic. the other day i was with him window-shopping at daiso and this fool was so stressed out it was so cute and funny i had stitches that day

m: wow having these fake flowers would be nice right? 
h: yeah, good idea. i think we need a vase as well. where do I get a freaking vase?
h: okay nvm i go home i steal my mom’s. take all the soil and flowers put aside first 

pinterest! is some kind of wondrous platform for cool ideas i'm actually obsessed with it lately. we were scrolling through pinterest together to get him inspired and we saw a post where flowers were placed in tin cans /coke bottles. 

h: okay later i go buy carnation milk and ask my mom make bandung

boy am i lucky to have scored myself such a funny human being he makes me laugh so much <3


the day started out quite horribly because i was pissed at hfz who planed to play football after our picnic date. geez which also means i can only spend very limited time with him! :( feeling pretty angry, i blindfolded myself in the car and was so noisy bombing hfz with questions because i'm afraid 20 million people would appear right in front of my eyes. here's a fun fact: i hate surprises. but i love giving people surprises! ;) so anyways, just like a blind bat, i waddled like a duck to the destination.

when i took out my blindfold, boy boy was i greeted by a tumblr/pinterest-worthy picnic date! everything was perfect. the decorations, the food that was made with love (by hfz and his mom hehe), the weather, the ambiance, the place (think myself in the middle of two lakes. romantic much? hehe) and most definitely, the companion.

Monday, May 18, 2015

play pretend

one of the many reason why i love hfz: he plays pretend with me!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

madame tussauds

guess who overslept and was late for work on her second week of work? ME! guess who has to pay 27$ (heart pain!) for a cab ride? ME! geez blame it all on the bloody iphone alarm clock. or okay maybe me for carelessly putting my phone on silence :/ 

but anyways! on the day i was late for work, we had team bonding at madame tussades. it was more enjoyable than trick eye museum maybe because there weren’t any crowds so that makes taking photographs less pressurizing hah

Sunday, April 5, 2015

back to slaving my life away

it has been two weeks since i left my ahjumma-taitai-bum life and returned to the corporate world. have yet to get my body to adapt to the 8:30am to 6pm work life. my body aches so badly each time i'm home where i long for a massage :( also, my body longs for naps each time the clock strikes 3pm because that is the slots on my bum time table where i had naps. some days when i'm lucky i even have two or more naps. naps are great! and don't get me started on the junk/good food i've been feeding my tummy with. naps + food = ultimate suspect for the weight gain!

but anyways, complains and rantings aside! i finally secured a job in the hr department at one of the ministries and it has been great thus far. i really enjoy my work though it can get a lil bit hectic. most important part of it all is that i don't find myself dreading going to work (just like how i used to back then) so... huzzah! i hope i don't jinx it thou.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

and we dance all night to the best song eva!

made an impromptu decision to go to the one direction's concert with my concert pal where we book the tix a day before the concert. it wasn't as fantastic as taytay's of course but i did enjoyed myself screaming alongside with crazy fangirls. was expecting the concert to be good two hours but it was disappointingly an hour. the boys were.... gorgeous and cute especially louise tomlinson *.*

we were pretty far back thus there weren't any clear photos of them boys. these are the best my iphone6 can capture :(

that's tom fletcher on the screen btw ;)
bae <3
liam looks like david beckham. RIGHT?!

zayn's hair was a lil problematic that night. haha
bae again <3

anyway, someone made a pretty awesome compilation about the whole concert on youtube:-

the highlight of the concert (which is of course my fav song from their albums) is little things <3 little things was written by ed sheeran that explains why it's soooooooo nice

speaking of ed, i am currently feeling bitter as i browse through videos for his concert yesterday which i couldn't get tixs for! but on a happier note..... kodaline is coming in august!


Thursday, March 5, 2015


"...another year over and we still together, it's not always easy but mcfly maya is here forever!"

i have been binge listening to mcfly's heart never lies at least 5 times everyday now and i absolutely love the verse above. pretty much sums up my relationship with hafiz. we turned 8 a month back but had no fancy over-the-top celebration since 19-feb falls exactly on chinese new year. our anniversary this year was basically a lazy and laid-back one.

it consists of:-

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

happy birthday beau

i'm feeling a lil tad guilty for not putting as much effort for hfz's birthday this year but i hope he had a great time with me eating (not-as-nice-as-people-raved-about) steak / joining the long queue to take our first photobooth / getting all excited to eat churros but in the end we found out that the place was closed down / eating ice-kachang together and not forgetting our own mini-photoshoot. hfz would always whine and tell me to take my camera away after two shots each time i shove the camera in front of his face but not so this time. in fact, he was the first one who suggested we take photos together because .... "we look nice today" 

Friday, January 9, 2015

/still moving/

apart from the photobooth machine, the rest of the exhibition is quite boring.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year

if last year we spent ny countdown at the park, this year we went to a "chinese concert" at punggol whilst eating a tub of b&j; which is also our first concert together. how romantic. we then caught the fireworks in an empty lrt cabin and rushed home as we were both so freaking sleepy. how cool.

thankful yet again that i get to spent the last hours of 2014 with my favourite person and i look forward to another great year with my lovely bae