Sunday, March 15, 2015

and we dance all night to the best song eva!

made an impromptu decision to go to the one direction's concert with my concert pal where we book the tix a day before the concert. it wasn't as fantastic as taytay's of course but i did enjoyed myself screaming alongside with crazy fangirls. was expecting the concert to be good two hours but it was disappointingly an hour. the boys were.... gorgeous and cute especially louise tomlinson *.*

we were pretty far back thus there weren't any clear photos of them boys. these are the best my iphone6 can capture :(

that's tom fletcher on the screen btw ;)
bae <3
liam looks like david beckham. RIGHT?!

zayn's hair was a lil problematic that night. haha
bae again <3

anyway, someone made a pretty awesome compilation about the whole concert on youtube:-

the highlight of the concert (which is of course my fav song from their albums) is little things <3 little things was written by ed sheeran that explains why it's soooooooo nice

speaking of ed, i am currently feeling bitter as i browse through videos for his concert yesterday which i couldn't get tixs for! but on a happier note..... kodaline is coming in august!


Thursday, March 5, 2015


"...another year over and we still together, it's not always easy but mcfly maya is here forever!"

i have been binge listening to mcfly's heart never lies at least 5 times everyday now and i absolutely love the verse above. pretty much sums up my relationship with hafiz. we turned 8 a month back but had no fancy over-the-top celebration since 19-feb falls exactly on chinese new year. our anniversary this year was basically a lazy and laid-back one.

it consists of:-