Saturday, April 25, 2015

madame tussauds

guess who overslept and was late for work on her second week of work? ME! guess who has to pay 27$ (heart pain!) for a cab ride? ME! geez blame it all on the bloody iphone alarm clock. or okay maybe me for carelessly putting my phone on silence :/ 

but anyways! on the day i was late for work, we had team bonding at madame tussades. it was more enjoyable than trick eye museum maybe because there weren’t any crowds so that makes taking photographs less pressurizing hah

Sunday, April 5, 2015

back to slaving my life away

it has been two weeks since i left my ahjumma-taitai-bum life and returned to the corporate world. have yet to get my body to adapt to the 8:30am to 6pm work life. my body aches so badly each time i'm home where i long for a massage :( also, my body longs for naps each time the clock strikes 3pm because that is the slots on my bum time table where i had naps. some days when i'm lucky i even have two or more naps. naps are great! and don't get me started on the junk/good food i've been feeding my tummy with. naps + food = ultimate suspect for the weight gain!

but anyways, complains and rantings aside! i finally secured a job in the hr department at one of the ministries and it has been great thus far. i really enjoy my work though it can get a lil bit hectic. most important part of it all is that i don't find myself dreading going to work (just like how i used to back then) so... huzzah! i hope i don't jinx it thou.