Sunday, May 31, 2015

surprise picnic

hfz asked me what i wanted to do for my birthday and i told him i want a fancy picnic (think nice and colorful decorations with party streamers/ pretty picnic mats/cute picnic baskets and utensils and yeah.. you get the gist!) i was honestly not expecting much because creativity and hfz don’t go well together but he surprised me by putting in SO much effort prepping for the picnic. the other day i was with him window-shopping at daiso and this fool was so stressed out it was so cute and funny i had stitches that day

m: wow having these fake flowers would be nice right? 
h: yeah, good idea. i think we need a vase as well. where do I get a freaking vase?
h: okay nvm i go home i steal my mom’s. take all the soil and flowers put aside first 

pinterest! is some kind of wondrous platform for cool ideas i'm actually obsessed with it lately. we were scrolling through pinterest together to get him inspired and we saw a post where flowers were placed in tin cans /coke bottles. 

h: okay later i go buy carnation milk and ask my mom make bandung

boy am i lucky to have scored myself such a funny human being he makes me laugh so much <3


the day started out quite horribly because i was pissed at hfz who planed to play football after our picnic date. geez which also means i can only spend very limited time with him! :( feeling pretty angry, i blindfolded myself in the car and was so noisy bombing hfz with questions because i'm afraid 20 million people would appear right in front of my eyes. here's a fun fact: i hate surprises. but i love giving people surprises! ;) so anyways, just like a blind bat, i waddled like a duck to the destination.

when i took out my blindfold, boy boy was i greeted by a tumblr/pinterest-worthy picnic date! everything was perfect. the decorations, the food that was made with love (by hfz and his mom hehe), the weather, the ambiance, the place (think myself in the middle of two lakes. romantic much? hehe) and most definitely, the companion.

Monday, May 18, 2015

play pretend

one of the many reason why i love hfz: he plays pretend with me!