Friday, August 14, 2015


hfz initially got me backstreet boys tixs for my birthday but i decided to gave them up for kodaline instead and.... it was the best decision i've made because the whole kodaline experience was beyond amazing. it was a night of pure bliss.

despite arriving late, we were able to enter the playscape w/o queuing for eternity (woo me! always got lucky when attending concerts) the only lowlight was the venue and the heat. i was sweating from head to toe but it was all worth it since the lads put up such a beautiful show. steve's voice was a gem even hfz agrees! so glad hfz came along with me despite him knowing only all i want; the song which i always "serenade" (includes dramatic face touching and stuffs) for him. the highlight of the concert was the one . god.... them FEELS WERE REAL when the crowds took out their phone and hfz hugged me and we swayed together. I ALMOST CRIED. my heart fluttered when the crowd shouted encore and we sang all i want.


haha such chessy and lame photo but hey.... first concert together okay
really enjoyed myself singing to the songs and grooving along to the music. just the kind of escapism i needed from the overwhelming stress at work. we were all in a perfect world last night

okay brb...... /curling myself up in bed, binge listening to kodaline/

Monday, August 10, 2015

+ one level up

work is taking a toll for both myself and hfz. we hardly have time for each other and it had been two months since we went on a real date. thank god for the jubilee weekend, we managed to finally spend a whole day with each other doing couple stuffs; coincidentally dressed in matching colors, share a meal, got lost, caught a movie, took pictures, listened to disney songs, karaoke in the car, laughed at each other's silly dance moves and shared lame jokes and riddles.

our relationship has taken one step further when my parents and hfz's met for the first time. considering what a worrywart i am, it was quite a nerve-wrecking experience for me as i fear how awkward the situation will get but obviously i was worried for nothing (thank goodness). hfz's fam came over for a raya visiting and i told a couple of my friends on the day hoping they would calm me down and this is one of the best advise i received. no points for guessing who i would pick to be my bridesmaid in future ;) anyhoos, i was so relieved everything went well and i took my fam over to hfz's for a visit the week after. i know we should have done this way earlier but hey you know what they say..... slow and steady win the race!

my parents (my dad especially) has been annoying me with all those "your mom-in-law...." etcetera phrases but i secretly likes the sound of it.